Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking Family Pictures

This is what it was all about for me.  I wanted to have family pictures taken.  After lunch we all changed our clothes and headed back outside.  Holly and Ricky's neighbor Gordon came over and took pictures for us.  First the kids were all in the tree.
I just love this picture
although it did not last long because Logan realized that Morgan was sitting so close. 

Then it was on to the family picture
I am so proud of my family and joy was flowing through my heart.

the kids were really getting tired here with a picture with Nana and Papa
I love this pictures of Marvin and I and our three kids. 

 Our oldest Jennifer her husband Matt, Emma and Logan
Our son Jeremy his wife Sara, Kayla and Morgan

Our daughter Holly and her husband Ricky

So you can see we made many memories of this day that will be forever in my heart.   God was shining down on my family that day and showing me all the blessings he has given me.   As you can tell my family means everything to me. 



Sister Susie said...

Family indeed!! I was sharing with my teacher friends (those I had known for 26 years) that they were like family! I had been there for marriages, birth of babies, loss of family members; and we all have been drawn into a "kind" of family. Of course even closer family is those I have known for years from my church! But my favorite family is Jim, Nellie, Scott, Megan, DeeAnna, and soon to be Jerry! It's so amazing the families the LORD introduces to us through this modern age of the electonic system. I am so overjoyed to also count you, Janet, and yours as family! One day we shall know a sence of family with our Heavenly Father which will be so excitingly new to what we now know!

I praise our LORD for you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
These are wonderful pics of all of you. I love the one with you and your kids too. Very nice!

Everybody looked very happy, and I agree the Lord was shining on yall.
Love ya, Nellie

Linda said...

These are really nice pictures of your family. I love the kids up in the tree!

God Bless!


grammy said...

Love all those pictures....Logan's look is so cute (o: