Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day Surprise

We had such a wonderful Fathers Day surprise last Sunday.  Marvin and I were serving at Church.  We were in between the second and the third services.  I was greeting people and Marvin was handing out bulletins.  A little girls dress caught my eye and I thought to myself that  it looked like the dress my granddaughter Emma was wearing last week.  Then I looked up and I saw that it was Emma and then I saw our daughter Jennifer, our grandson Logan and our son-in-law Matt.  What a surprise.  You see we had a great day last weekend to spend with them and had to say our goodbyes last Sunday not knowing when we would see them again.  Their  plane didn’t leave from Portland until Sunday night so they decided on a visit to surprise Marvin on Fathers Day and surprised me as well.  My heart was full of such joy I was trying to hold back the tears.  Several people were able to witness this reunion. 
Jennifer and Matt attended worship while the kids played in the nursery.  Marvin and I still were serving so we had to attend to our duties. 

Jennifer and Matt swung by and got Marvin's favorite, Kentucky Fried Chicken and we sat down for a meal.  The kids were eager to play with Nana and Papas toys and also we went out side so they could play on the swing set (we are storing it in our backyard for Kayla and Morgan)

They also had fun playing with papa on the Wii Fitness

Sunday was one of the best days in my life.  My heart is bursting full of love and thankfulness that God had blessed us with. 
Next Blog to come taking family pictures when we were all together a week ago,



grammy said...

the best kind of surprise for sure!!

Sister Susie said...

Happy surprises are times of joy that are forever place into your heart. I am so overjoyed that you had a wonderful day to celebrate 2 dads, Marvin and Matt!

I celebrated at Jim and Nellies after church. What a time of joy. Nellie didn't have to prepare all of the food. Scott did a great job with the...fahitas (I know that's spelled wrong, but I'm retired now,ha!)

Nellie's table setting was as beautiful as it always is!! I can hardly wait to see her blog with her pictures.

I'm waiting to see your next pictures too!

Love to you all,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Janet,
What a wonderful surprise, always so great to get to see them one more time, especially when you don't think you will!!
That was precious and I know how blessed you had to feel, from one Mom to another!
Seems like sometimes our kids just never cease to amaze us, and a wonderful amazement it is!!
Looks like a great time.

So happy for you,
Love ya, Nellie