Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family fun with pinatas

For our family gathering I decided that it would be fun to continue on with our theme "Fiesta" so we bought two pinatas one for the kids (a guitar) and one for the adults ( a red pepper).

 It was fun shopping.  I went to the dollar store and bought some small toys and candy.  We also added some quarters.  So after taking the family pictures we started with the kids.  Of course first there were directions from me Nana
They took turns youngest to oldest  first up was Logan
Morgans picture is MIA so here is Emma
and then Kayla
we let them each have two turns and it was not even making a dent.  So then Jennifer told me that the ribbons hanging down were meant to pull one by one and then it would open when the last ribbon was pulled so here is Morgan
It was cute becasue she was ready with her bag open
and then Jennifer helped it along.  Logan was covering his head

It was so much fun.  The kids were actually picking and choosing what they wanted.....LOL
Next it was time for the adults.  It was a little different.  We drew names for the order they were going to hit.  Of course there was instructions, does it look like I have their attention?
The order was Jeremy, Holly, Jennifer, Sara, Matt and Ricky.  Poor Ricky didn't get a turn because Matt broke it.  It was crazy
We had some interesting things in the pinata because the game was not over.  They were instructed to pick up everything and then sit down with their stuff. 
Here is Matt saying "is this a tampon?"  yes that is what it was but like I told them in the beginning to pick up everything

the next step for my made up rules was everyone to draw another number and then they each had to draw a name..  Starting with the person that drew number one they got to take something from  that persons prizes and give them something of theirs.  That made it really interesting  and the game was not over yet.  After all the exchanging was done we had ten lottery scratch off tickets for certain items like the tampon.  The moral to the story is since Matt didn't want the tampon he did not win that prize.  In fact Matt did not win a prize but since I felt sorry for him I gave him one scratch off ticket anyway.  Some of the prizes were lotion, little bottles of alcohol, golf ball and tees, scrooge stamp, a million dollar bill, nuts, pens, flower seeds, gardening gloves (green and yellow GO DUCKS) and some Oregon Duck face tattoos.

What a great time with family fun and a lot of laughter.



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Sister Susie said...

I can see the kids had a great time with those pinatas! It appears "some" adult "kids" had fun! You were good to give Matt a prize! Men's "egos" can make them not see the fun of things sometimes, ha! When they're caught off guard, they have to act one way or another, lol!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I surely feel as a sister to you too! It's like we've always know one another. Of course, that's what the LORD does with His Kindred of Spirit!
Love to you and yours,