Monday, June 27, 2011

An awsome photo and a prayer request

Yesterday afternoon I snapped a picture of this rainbow around the sun.  Isn't it awesome?   I looked on the Internet and found this definition. 

" The ring is caused by sunlight being diffracted as it passes through cirrostratus clouds that are usually at altitudes above 20,000 feet. Cirrostratus clouds are composed mostly of small ice crystals that spread out into a thin layer. They are sheet-like, and the sun can be seen through them easily."

I have a request for all my prayer warriors.  My friend Sheila, from Nebraska will be having brain surgery this Thursday June 30th.  This surgery is to hopefully take the pain away from a condition called trigemeninal neuralgial.  She is been on medication for several years and it has stopped working and her pain is terrible.  The name of the surgery that she is having is called micro vascular decompression (mvd) and the procedure can be viewed here .

I called and chatted with Sheila yesterday.  She is ready for the pain to go away.   We have been friends for over 30 years and our families had spend a lot of time together before we moved to Oregon.    Below is my prayer for her.  Will you pray it with me?

 I pray to you Father in Heaven that you be with Sheila during her delicate brain surgery.     Lord I pray you guide the surgeon’s hand on Sheila that she may be healed and free of pain.  I ask you to fill her family and friends with your love and peace.  I ask this through your sons Jesus name.  Amen

I will update as soon as I have any word. 

Have a blessed Monday!


grammy said...

Very interesting picture...
I will pray...
loved the last fun. I love those ideas, and when I came up with something like that it COST so much. Oh well (o:
the best pic is you 'giving instructions'
I am afraid my grown kids would look at me like i was crazy if I tried to get them to do this. Oh would not be the first time.
I went to walmart to get stuff for my son to take to his new place...yikes...that adds up.

Sister Susie said...

What a unique picture of a rainbow! I have read if you were in outer space, the rainbows we see on earth are not from horizon to horizon, but indeed are circular from the view in outer space as is the one around the sun!
Due to our limit of seeing, we only see half!

I have surely put Sheila on my prayer list. I have read your prayer for her as well as added more prayers for her, her family, and friends.

GOD's WORD has said, "All things work to the good to those who love the LORD and are called to His purpose." Our minds now, are too finite to understand His purposes, but one day we will have JOY in His purposes that lead to His Eternal Glory!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Janet, I'm agreeing with you in prayer for Shelia. May His healing touch restore her completely.
Blessings to you.

Linda said...

My husband said the sun was really different yesterday. It wasn't bright out...kinda cloudy...yet spots of light were shining everywhere. How cool that you got that picture.