Wednesday, June 1, 2011

32 Years ago June 1st 1979

Today Marvin and I are celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. Below is the front of our actual wedding invitation that we had printed at the print shop.  

   Our colors were Peach and Yellow.  Back in 1979 it cost 5.00 for our marriage license and 5.00 each for our premartial blood test.  I carried yellow roses with white carnations and baby breath.. My wedding dress was bought through the JC Penneys catalog as were my bridesmaid dresses (2 peach and 2 yellow).    Our flowers for the church were peach, yellow and white carnations.  (I just love the smell of carnations).   The groomsmen all wore white tuxedos.  We married in the evening in a Lutheran Church.  After the ceremony we had cake. punch, mints, nuts, coffee and punch in the Church basement.  We had gift openers that opened our gifts and set them out for display so our guests could see what we received.  We had our wedding pictures taken after the wedding.  We then headed to the Eagles Club for our dance,  My parents had hired a Country Music band for us to dance the night away.   We still have so many memories of that special evening.

We are continuing to live in God's ordinance of the Holy estate of Matrimony.  We vowed to love, comfort, honor, and keep in sickness in health forsaking all others keeping thee only unto each other as long as we both shall live.  

We have been so blessed with our family.  We have three grown children that are all married. We have four grandchildren that are the light in our lives. We have lived, laughed and loved and will continue on through our journey that God planned for us. 



grammy said... sweet. My wedding in 74 was much like that...well...we had no dance afterwords (o:
Happy Anniversary.
Loved the wrap up pictures on the last post. Makes me want to go and stay there (o: maybe a

Sister Susie said...

Such grand pictures! Every time I see wedding pictures, it reminds of the Wedding of the Christ and His Church!!

Guess what? Today you have been married 32 years. Today is my 32nd year of teaching in the state! (I have 2 others with private schools.)

Congratulations to a couple our LORD is very proud of!

Love to you both,

P.S. I got my need pretty card with
the "Plant an Idea" sheet. So, I'll try this again, ha! Thank you, Janet!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
So sorry I missed you special day,
but it has been a bit crazy around here lately, and I have really been doing a lot of work on the wedding,
and just haven't had time to visit much.
Anyway, Congratualations on 32 yrs.
of Marriage, what a wonderful testimony that is!! Good for You guys!!
Loved seeing your wedding photos too. I also had yellow, but yellow, white and green.
Blessings sweetie, hope all is well with you.