Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victoria Part 5-More at the Butterfly farm

There was so much more at the butterfly farm that we got to see.  First this bird.
you see how it is sleeping just minding his own business.  Well Holly told Marvin to put his foot up up see what would happen.
 Of course this bird was not going to be happy.  So he started pecking away.  You notice that he is still on one foot (the bird) the poor thing just wanted a nap.  (that sounds like me)

Next were the beautiful flamingo's.  I don't think I have ever seen one before but I thought this one was going to come out of the water after me. 
Aren't they beautiful?  I got a better picture when I walked around to the other side.  They were being really loud.
Now for the turtles.  There were a couple of big turtles.  We just happened to be there at feeding time. This turtle was my favorite.
He loved his lettuce.
While we were watching another employee came over and told the feeder to mix the lettuce and the hay together otherwise the turtle would not want to eat the hay which is fiber in his diet. 

You can see here how he completely turned around trying to get to the lettuce.  I then walked off and the rest of the group stayed and watched.  They told me that he walked over and ate all his roommates food.  LOL.....That is why he is so big.  I wish I would have been there so I could have taken a picture of his roommate.  They are the same age but he is a lot bigger (and now you know why)

I still have more Victoria pictures to post.  But I am stopping for now.



grammy said...

Fun pictures...
Flamingos are so pretty
naughty turtle (o:

Janet said...
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Sister Susie said...

I love to see wildlife in their own habitats! The flamingoes were so pretty!! I have put out lettuce for the wild turtles we have here in Florida. I have even had some get into my pool! GOD's animals are such a wonder!
Love Susan