Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victoria Part 4-The Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm was high on my list of to dos when we were in Victoria.  It was actually raining that morning so it was a good time to go.  
Upon entering the gardens it was very humid since they were trying to replicate a rain forest. 
This exhibit shows the cocoons stages of the butterflies.  You notice that some are almost ready to fly.
Holly called me over to take a picture of this butterfly sitting on a rock.  I could not see it because it looked like a fish. 
Below is one of the moths that this sign is talking about.
It is so beautiful.  A lot of these butterflies and moths are flown in from other countries.
They had flowers and plants all over to feed the butterflies.

Those are just a few pictures.  Next post will be about the Flamingo's, fish, a bird that like Marvin and the naughty turtle.

Have a blessed Sunday!


grammy said...

So cool..well humid (o:
We have a Butterfly Pavilion in Denver...I have never been to it. I guess I should.
That did look like a fish (o:

Sister Susie said...

What great pictures! I put the butterflies in my insect picture folder! I can hardly wait for the flamingo pictures. The turtle...I'll see, ha!

Love to you and yours,