Friday, May 20, 2011

Victoria Part 2 Copper Jane

Imagine a beautiful day around 70 degrees the birds are chirping, families are walking and laughing, the water on the harbour is sparkling, the smell of food is in the air and then you see this
It was really interesting and I was not for sure what was going on because there was a lot of people standing around and watching this statue.  And then I figured it out.  She moved.  After googling her later I found out that she is well known.  Anyway it was funny to watch her.  Holly suggested that Marvin and I have a picture taken with her so here is the first pose
and then Holly wanted to get another angle
and then I was startled as she pushed me away so she could have my man all to herself.
Look at how her expression changed.  I was laughing so hard.  She entertained us for a while longer.  This was another one of my favorites in Victoria.

Have a great Friday!


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