Saturday, May 21, 2011

Part 3 -A night walk in Victoria

Victoria is such a walking city.  At night there are several building that are lite up.  Holly and Ricky took a night walk every night and persuaded us to go one too.  The only hesitation was we had already walked 6 plus miles during the day.  I am so glad that we did go one night.

Our son-in-law Ricky just could not get enough of the glass elevator that was lite up.  He wanted to just stand there and watch it.  Me I was ready to move on....LOL

The Parliament building is beautiful in the daylight but was romantic in the evening.  I love this first picture how the light bounced off it and it looked light a star.
It was a chilly beautiful night walk in Victoria

Have a Blessed weekend!


Sister Susie said...

How enchanting! I love the picture of you and Marvin in front of the lighted buildings on your chilly walk in Victoria! I saved your second picture to my "friends" file!

We have had some cool nights after hot days (95 degrees!) It makes a heavy fog in the morning, however it doesn't last after the sun comes up!

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Hugs to you and yours,

Linda said...

Janet the night time pictures were enchanting! Glad you got to enjoy an evening stroll.


grammy said...

Looks like great fun. Sometimes we are ready to be old and say nooooo....but then you are so glad you went out for your night walk. So pretty.
Loved Copper Jane too. Wonder how much money she gets in her cooper cup? She was good.