Sunday, April 17, 2011

A joyful weekend!

We have had such a great weekend with our 7 year old Grand daughter Kayla.   This was a last minute thing since our son Jeremy had to work in Eugene.   Kayla decided she wanted Nana and Papa to herself. 
She requested her favorite meal that Papa makes "Goulash" for lunch.  After lunch we started right away on a project for Brenda (our African granddaughter)

We started by ripping small pieces of tissue paper.  Look at all these colors we had to choose from. 

Papa and Kayla
Nana and Kayla
Below Kayla has started laying small pieces on waxed paper. 

After completing then we put waxed paper on the top and then sealed it was a hot iron. 

We made stain glassed windows.  One of these is made with all hearts and then I cut one out in a heart.  I know that I am not very creative but I wanted to send something special handmade to Brenda. 

After we got done with our project we sat down to watch the movie Tangled.  That movie is co cute.  When we started the movie Kayla had to make sure she told us a couple of things.  First she said to make sure we played in English and second of all or as Kayla put it "By the way when they talk about a satchel they are not saying saddle because they are two different things"  LOL....she wanted to narrate the movie for us. 

Kayla then wanted Papa to listen to her read. 

Soon it was time for bedtime so since Kayla was sleeping with us we decided that we would both read without the TV on.  I start reading my book and Kayla starts reading her book OUTLOUD...  because she has not learned how to read silently yet.  So reading did not last very long. We were looking at a book until Papa came in and told us Alvin and the Chipmunks were going to be on HBO soon.    So we watched the movie too.    I didn't realize that there were chipettes too.

 After the movie it was time to sleep.  Kayla woke me up several times during the night.  The first time she wanted to know why Papa was not in bed with us (he decided to sleep on the sofa) then she wanted to know why it was so light out at midnight (I told her the moon must be bright) then she told me I was snoring, then she had to go to the restroom, so I got a little sleep until a little after 5 when she woke me up to tell me she had to get up to start getting ready for Church because it takes her a long time to get ready ( I told her it was too early). 

We headed out the door at 8 for Church.  Our Church had a great Palm Sunday service with the middle school students doing a couple of skits.  Kayla headed off to Faith Friends while we enjoyed the Sermon and the rest of the service.

We came home and Kayla wanted to Color.

What a joyful weekend it has been. 


Sister Susie said...

I know you must have enjoyed every moment you had with Kayla. What a joy to take her to church with you! I really like your wax paper activity.

How nice to have our loved ones with us; just as nice to get back to our routines again too, lol!

Love to you and yours,

grammy said...

Looks like a really great time with your girl. I love having them one at a time. I never thought of the learning to read out loud and not processing reading to yourself (o:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again,
I am having to catch up here!
So nice you had Kayla all to yourself, and I am sure she must have really enjoyed all that one on one time with here sweet grandparents.
What a lovely weekend,
and what loving grandparents....
That is really great Janet that yall are so good with your grandchildren, if only all grandparents were like that, there
would be a lot of happy children.
Blessings, Nellie