Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A prayer request and our blessings continued from Sunday

Today I was asked to pray for a 7 year old boy Ryan.  He and his parents will be meeting with the Doctor on Thursday to discuss more testing.  Lymphoma  has not been ruled out at this point.   Would you please pray for Ryan and his family during this stressful time in their life of uncertainty. 

Last Sunday evening we were blessed to attend a fundraising concert for Mission to Mexico at our Church. It is no secret that I love the voices of two people in our praise team Michelle and Dan. I am telling you Michelle has a voice of an angel. With Michelle and Dan singing duets and some songs by themselves my ears were full of heavenly joy. They sang songs of Worship, Praise, Country and some of Dan songs that he had written.  I heard a new song that Michelle sang that is stuck in my head called Seize the day.  I went to You Tube and pulled up the song by Carolyn Arends. What a great message this song has and after being asked to pray for a 7 year old today that message is much more important. 

Dan sang a song about his dad that he had wrote. It was very emotional and he spoke of memories and put a little twist into it that if he couldn't seem to work something out to go fishing. 

And then the highlight came at the end of the concert.  Pastor Barry got up and Michelle (Pastors wife) and Dan all sang Amazing Grace My Chains are gone.  Pastor Barry is great speaker but always said he could not sing.  He was so nervous.  But you know what he did great job and in fact got a standing ovation. 

I emailed Michelle to tell her how much I enjoyed her and asked her to sing when Marvin and I renew our vows.  She said she would be honored too.  So it is something I have been thinking about for a while but of course I would need to gather all the family before we could do that.

Have a great Tuesday and remember to Seize the Day everyday!


Sister Susie said...

I have put Ryan on my daily prayer list as is your friends, Diane and your friend with lymphoma (would you please give me her name again.)

Songs do for the heart what preaching can't seem to do. The song that always breaks me to my most humble state of thanking my GOD for His Love is, "I Can Only Imagine." Several of our singers have used a dvd that has the music for them to sing by as well as pictures that display upon our overhead screen.

The Awesomeness of GOD is so Great! I'm so glad I will spend it with you, Marvin, your family, my family and friends as well. "How Great is Our God!"

Love and hugs to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
so sorry to hear about this lil boy
Ryan, we heard of another child today named Glenn who is the same age, and has a brain tumor, and he is getting so bad, but they keep sending him to school and he can hardly walk, and
he sleeps most of the time while he is in class, bless his sweet heart.
Will sure be praying for both of these precious lil ones and their

Sounds like a wonderful day in church. We have a lot of really great singer in our church and it just makes your heart sing as well.
That is so neat that your Pastor can sing as well, most of them say they can't sing but bet they can sign better than they think, probably just never tried.

So are you getting your vows renewed on an Anniversary???
One year our Pastor did a vow renewal on A Valentine's Sunday
for a bunch of couples, it was neat actually, but I think I would rather do my own, seems more intimate and romantic that way.
At least to me.........but who am I!! lol

We have always thought about doing it, but have actually made a recommitment a few times while teaching some of the marriage classes we teach.

sounds like all is well with you guys, so glad!!
Thanks for coming by yesterday,
and so glad you learn stuff from my blog, that makes me happy!!

Have a great day tomorrow.
Love and Blessings, Nellie

grammy said...

Difinatly things to pray about
Sounds like you really enjoyed church and the music and the singers (o:
Keep us posted about the vows.