Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More fun in Georgia Monday and Tuesday

Monday morning we had some yummy ableskievers (round pancakes) that our daughter made
 Emma all ready for school
Papa and Logan had a sword fight

Papa and Logan bought some Lincoln Logs and put together a house
Logan built a lego tower while he was playing fireman
Emma working on her homework in the truck while Nana was shopping
Logan taking a nap while Nana shopped
Dinner at Hooters (because they have the best chicken wings and fried pickles)  We met our daughters best friend Michelle her husband Paul ,their son Tyler and Michelle's mom Jerri. 
And a real treat, Papa was the designated driver so he drove the big truck home.  What a ride that was.  I was laughing so hard but holding on too.
Once we were home it was time for Emma to read Nana a book
Soon it was time for the kids to go to bed.  We stepped outside to enjoy a fire in the cool evening.
We had such a good time.......stay tuned for the rest of the week. 



grammy said...

what was Nana shopping for?? (o:
Looks like a great time. Oh Yea!

Sister Susie said...

Pancakes! At first I thought they were cinnamon buns! I bet they were just as good!

I'm sure Emma would like to have stayed home from school with Logan, enjoying her visit with you!

What fun it is to have dinner out! I always enjoy when I'm able to. That was one thing mom and I liked to do a whole lot.

It looks as though you had a really nice fireside chat. Right now in Florida we can't have any due to the dry conditions. We have already had several out of control fires burning 1,000's of acres!

Looking forward to more pictures!!

Love and hugs to you and yours,

Rebecca said...

Janet...How interesting to "visit" you and meet your sweet Georgia family. I can see that you had/are having a wonderful time with those grandkids! None of our live very close to us, so the times we spend with them are very special, too.