Saturday, March 26, 2011

I miss my family in Georgia

I am really missing Georgia. The number one thing I miss is

I miss all the snuggling, hugs and kisses, and the time listening to Emma read, and reading to Logan (even if it was the same book.

 I miss the time just chatting with my daughter Jennifer

 I miss the day we spotted a beautiful cardinal and everyone wanted to see it. We do not have cardinals in Oregon but we did when we lived in Nebraska..

And then I miss the crickets soothing sound that reminds me of Nebraska at night. I miss the singing birds that made my waking a cheerful one.

I miss the yummy meals that they cooked while we were there. I miss my afternoon nap each afternoon.

We were so blessed to get to go see them and spend a week with them.  We hope to get to see them again in June.

Have a Blessed weekend!



Sister Susie said...

Time seems to go even faster when you are enjoying it with loved ones! I know you are counting the days to return and continue your joy!

Right now outside I'm hearing the hawks calling out to one another. It's so neat to see them soar on the air currents. I try to imitate their calls as they fly overhead about 25 feet. They just look down at me as if to say, "What is that!" Ha! They swoop in swirls with one another while touching wingtips, beaks, and feet as in playful array.

At night I'm beginning to hear some of the frogs around the lakes and ponds. In the summer, they make so much noise, it's almost deafening if you sit out at night!

Yes, the cardinals, scrub jays, robins, and hummingbirds are starting to show up. I have already had the sandhill cranes showing up all around the back property. They stand as tall as I do! It's so funny to watch the swaggering walk they have as they approach me to see if I'm putting out food.

Animals in their natural state is so beautiful to watch. It's been about 10 years since there was a baby alligator out front. With all of the lakes around, I'm surprised I haven't seen more, especially since all of their habitat is being cleared away for neighborhoods.

I loved your pictures!
Love and hugs,

grammy said...

I can imagine how you must feel.
I am so blessed to have mine right here with me.... well in the same town (o:
They are up in the mountains right now and I miss them.... crazy spoiled me (o:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Just rec'd your lovely birthday card thru snail mail, but it was right on time! what a lovely surprise, so sweet....thanks so much!!
I feel like I already had my birthday
Sunday was so great! It rained here yesterday and has been overcast all day today, haven't done too much today really, have been answering a ton of facebook Happy Birthday wishes, another nice surprise....
have heard from some folks that I haven't seen in awhile, so that was fun, and a lot of folks from my church too.
Tonight we are going over to Dee's
and Jim will hang out with Jerry for about an hour while we go get
pedicures then we are getting Mexican food. Looking forward to it.

Loved all your pics....I know it must be hard to have to go so long in between visits, especially when the grandchildren are growing all the time. Have you ever heard of skype?? It is like a phone for the computer where you can actually see each other, don't think it is real expensive. A friend of mine had it when her son was in Iraq, and it was such a help, cause you know you can tell a lot by a person countenance, so it helped them when they could see he looked fine.

Will be praying they can visit this summer!! Thanks so much for visiting today as well, and again thanks so much for that sweet B-day card, what a nice surprise!!
Love you hon, Nellie