Sunday, March 20, 2011

I fell in love on the plane and also got quite a shock

We have never flown Frontier airlines before so when we booked our tickets and they had the lowest prices we decided to fly with them. Now you have to understand that Marvin always has to have a window seat that leaves me with the middle. This is a problem for 2 reasons, sometimes I get cranky when I travel and I always have to use the lavatory (I think it is nervous bladder. I really am not scared to fly because I know I am not in control). On the first leg from Portland to Denver there was no one in the aisle seat next to me. I was able to scoot over and was really comfortable and did not have to climb over anyone to use the lavatory. On our final leg into Atlanta there was a very nice lady that was from Atlanta that sat next to me. She had been on a girl’s trip to Vegas so she was anxious to get home and see her babies. We chatted a short bit and then she feel ASLEEP……I had to tap her on the shoulder to wake her so I could use the lavatory. I felt so bad. We had rough flight and a lot of turbulence too.

On our way home our first leg to Denver I shared the seat with a younger man. He was a small man so that was good. But when he started to pick his nose I almost got sick. He slept some of the time and was awake when I had to go use the lavatory,

When we landed in Denver we did not have to change planes and since our flight was running late we stayed on the plane. We got to watch all the action that happens in between flights. The cleaning, restocking, the pilot talking with the flight crew were just a few things. We had the best flight attendants on this last leg. They were both so humorous. They told us that the plane had 30 seats open so I was keeping my fingers crossed that the aisle seat would be empty. The last few people were boarding when I saw a middle aged man on his phone looking for his seat. He sat down right next to me and bonked me with his red bag. I was not so happy at that moment until I fell in love with this

This puppy was 6 weeks old and the cutest thing. I got to pet him. The guy told me he would probably have to move because he needed more room. This is the one time I wanted someone to be in that seat (of course if it was my family of friend that would be okay) He ended up moving to the 2 empty seats in back of us. We still got to see the little guy because he was sleeping on the middle seat on a blanket
Now onto the rest of the flight. I got the aisle seat. There was a very tall man sitting in front on me with a woman. I couldn’t figure out where he went, anyway when I got up to stretch and go to the lavatory I saw where he went. They had a blanket and were in an inappropriate position for passengers on a plane. I was so shocked. Talk about feeling uncomfortable. Marvin was sleeping so I could not even tell him.

Overall it was a good flight and I snapped a few pictures of the beautiful sunset from the heavens.
And a picture of my true love.  

Still to come, favorites in Georgia and Jeremys birthday



Linda said...

Well Janet, you had quite the adventures on the plane! I had no idea people could fly with an animal!??? He was a cute puppy. Do you think he had to pay extra for the pup?

I have no room on planes...some planes are worse than others. The last time we flew we had comfortable seats, but my hubby said the plane was older. Now days they really pack people in there.

Ewwww...a nose picker? Yuck! I couldn't stand that.

I think you should ask Marvin to let you pick an isle seat next you can use the lav easier. I hate how small it is and usually try not to go if I can help it! But then I make a mad dash to the ladies room when the plane lands! (:>)

Sister Susie said...

I am not surprised at the things you saw. How about this...I have had dads bring their kids to my room while still wearing their pajamas!! No modesty anymore! I'm surprised they let the man bring his puppy on board not being in some kind of "kennel." I have seen cats in a small carrier. Nose pickers...I see that every day, not to mention eating it!! You know, kindergartners! Ha! At least you had the best sight of all, Marvin next to you!

Love to you and yours,

grammy said...

I just caught up on your Grands and Son's BD and the airplane trip. I use to always want a window seat.... now I have to have an isle seat so I can go without being nerveous that I won't get out. I hate steping over people. The puppy looks cute and would be fun to cuddle with (o:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Happy Birthday to your Jeremy. He is a good son, so hope they got to come and visit this weekend.

Wow, you had quite the flights! You never know what you might see today, people are just crazy. When we used to go to KeyWest over 20 yrs. ago, we saw some real sites.... more than inappropriate!! I was glad when we didn't have to go there anymore, cause all of our relatives moved out of there.

That puppy was so cute, I didn't know they let you bring them on the plane with you until Scott took Joey with him to Maine to hike the Appalachian trail, course, she was in a kennel and he got a sedative for her. So very surprised they let him have it out of the kennel.

The last time we shipped a dog was almost 40 yrs. ago and they went in the baggage compartment back then. We felt so bad but it was either leave him in Germany or ship him, and by that time we were to attached to leave him. He did okay tho thankfully.

You take care hon,
Blessings, Nellie