Monday, March 14, 2011

Georgia -A week ago Sunday

Sunday morning we were up early so Marvin could fix biscuits and gravy before leaving for Church.  Logan was a big helper.

and so was Emma

  Emma had given up her room for me.   After breakfast as I was putting my makeup  6 year old Emma asked me if I wanted to share my makeup with her.  I sent her to see her mommy.  When she returned she had on some lip gloss.  I then was searching for my jewelry.   I had forgot to pack my favorites but Emma had went and picked out a few or her own pieces for me that she thought would look good with my shirt.   She is so sweet.  I ended up changing my shirt anyway because I had some stains on it. 

We attended  worship while the kids attended Sunday school.  It meant so much to sit in worship and sing song of praises with our daughter Jennifer and son in law Matt.   We had the pleasure of listening to Jen Mozley.  She is a very gifted songwriter and singer and we were able to buy her first CD that she just finished. 

After Church this is what we did
Papa played some games with Emma and Logan
Emma tied Papa shoes
Emma read to Nana and snuggled too
Jennifer and I sat and chatted
Logan and Nana played food in the Kitchen
We had some Venison Roast for Dinner.  I had a very small piece. 

We snuggled and watch some cartoons
Papa read "Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did" to Logan
Nana read Logan  "Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did"
Jennifer and Matt took some time to relax

and Logan just sat there being so cute.........

That was our Sunday......Stay tuned for our next few days! 


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
so glad you got to Jennifer and Matt's safe and sound. Love all your pics....looks like everyone is having a great time. You guys are such good grandparents, and that is awesome.
Kids need good grandparents.
So glad yall are having such a fun time. I am sure Jenn and Matt are loving it too. Hope you have the bestest time in the whole world!!
lol....sounds silly but I really mean it!!
Thanks so much for coming by and saying what you did tonight, you are such a sweet encourager my friend, you have amazed me with your growth. Your a blessing!
Love ya, Nellie
Tell Marvin I love seeing him down on the floor playing with those grandies, so cute!!

Sister Susie said...

What a wonderful time with your children and grandchildren!

I'm glad you told me that it was venison (I thought it was a pig snout, ha!) Poor deer!

I know you had an enjoyable time!

Love and hugs,

NanaNor's said...

Hi Janet, Simply adorable pics. So glad you are having a wonderful time.
Enjoy the beauty of Georgia.
Hugs today.