Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flying all the way from Oregon to Georgia last Saturday 3/5

Our Journey started at 3am.  Bless our daughter Holly's heart as she took us to the airport at 4 since our plane left at 6:25.  No problems getting through security.  The first leg to Denver was fine.  We had a short layover and we were off to Atlanta.  Our flight was supposed to be 3 hours but we had to circle several times because of the storms in the area. 

Has anyone every been on the tram in Atlanta.  Oh my.........It was challenging but we were just following everyone else.  A nice young man that looked like Stevie Wonder (he was not a star I asked him) told us where we needed to go.  That tram goes so fast and people shoved themselves inside.  You had to hold on tight and be ready when it was time to get off.  I was so exhausted just by doing that.

And this happened

Our grandchildren Emma and Logan ran to meet Nana and Papa with their smiling faces.

We were so happy.  Logan latched onto his Papa and would not let him go.  But Nana got Emma all to herself.

Next stop was Cracker Barrel (I just love that place) we were so entertained by 3 year old Logan. Both and Emma and Logan wanted to sit by Papa so we sat at a table with Papa in the middle. We had some good food.

Although I did not get to sit next to the kids I got to see every move they made.  I did get to sit next to my beautiful daughter Jennifer and chat.
Then we were back in the big truck to head to our daughters home.  It was so funny when we got to the military gate and had to show ID.   When we stopped they said "Welcome Home" and 3 year old Logan kept saying this is not our home, he meant the check in area.  We were already experiencing the humor of this little comedian. 

Jennifer and Matt have a beautiful home.  We are all really tired by the time we got there we all turned in early so we could attend worship the next morning.

I will post more throughout the next week.  Have a good weekend!



Sister Susie said...

Your pictures remind me of the song, "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart..." I know your visit is full of joy!! Enjoy!
Love and hugs,

grammy said...

Sounds wonderful!!!
Just to hold on tight to those little ones and visit with your daughter (o: Bliss