Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

My blogger friend Nellie always has Thankful Thursdays on her BLOG.  I normally will comment my thankfuls on her BLOG but I decided to start the Thankful Thursdays myself because when I would see Nellie's I would be encouraged..  I am hoping to encourage you so you can think of your own and remind yourself how truly blessed you are. 

I am thankful that all my children have grown up to be responsible adults.

I am thankful for the friendship that I have with my co-workers

I am thankful for my daughter in law Sara she always is texting me pictures of the grand kids.

I am thankful that I am finally and completely over my sinus infection.

I am thankful that my tooth finally stopped hurting. I thought I might need a root canal.

I am thankful for our cat Tiger. He has been giving me more cuddling lately.

I am thankful that we will be going to Georgia soon. I am so excited I am counting how many more nights to sleep.

I am thankful for my daughter Holly and all her emails. 

I am thankful that the Lord has provided me with so many encouragements and inspirations.

I am thankful that I have pantry and refrigerator full of food and I have shelter and a job.

I am thankful that I got to watch the memorial tribute video of my Great Uncle Alvin. He was 95 and passed away a weeks ago. There were pictures of my Grandma and my Great Grandparents and Great Uncles.
I was almost in tears.  I miss my Grandma so much. 

I am thankful that for Pastor Barry and his sermons.  He is a big part of my spirtual growth.

I am thankful for the Amish book I am currently reading.  It has three short Amish love stories in it by three different authors.  I am already on the second story.  I love to read about the Amish lifestyles.  These books that I read also have so much about God in them. 

I am thankful for my husband Marvin.  God picked the perfect man for me. 

Have a blessed day!



Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
what a great post hon!! So glad you decided to that! You have a lot of great thankfuls on your list. You will not believe over time how doing these posts will affect your life,
and probably the life of others as well.
Good Going!!
Love ya, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Thanks so much for your excitement for us, that is so precious. We are very excited and hubby is on his way as I write and should be arriving there very soon. We are so glad to know it is all up to the Lord at this point.

It is very possible that is all your african grandaughter has to eat.
Many times even if there are ministries that are feeding them,
there are so many to feed they can only afford the bare necessities,
I have noticed a lot of times it looks like they are feeding them something that looks like oatmeal or porridge. We heard from another missionary about trees they had discovered over there called Moringa trees that the leaves have
so much nutrition it is amazing, so in many places in Africa they are using the leaves to help bring more nutrition to the food. He called it the tree of life. I was telling Jimmy, the discovery of those trees were probably the answer to many a missionaries prayers that are heartbroken watching these children suffer.

My son bought some of the seeds and we grew a few trees, but
they are not doing real well, that is really our fault, long story. lol
Recently when my son was down in S. Florida for his job he was able to visit the place where he got the seeds,and they gave him a tour and he said it was really a neat place,
because they supply water purification systems and other things to make things better ecologically, can't remember all he said now, but he said if we ever went down we should
go there and see it. He said it was all very interesting.

Was glad to see my comment here from yesterday, cause the first time I clicked on said you had 1 comment, and I knew it must be me, cause I left a comment on here yesterday, but much to my surprise the comment was from Susan,
and I thought she must not have gotten my comment for some reason,
so got out and came back in and now it is just my comment. Go Figure!!
Well, hon,
I will keep you posted!!
Have a Very Wonderful Valentines Day,
Love ya, Nellie

NanaNor's said...

Hi Janet, I so love your thankful heart. I am so blessed when I come here to visit. Keep sharing your joy and His love.
Hugs today.

Sister Susie said...

Our thankful list not only means so much to us, family and friends; but it gives our GOD the glory in what He has done for us! I am so thankful to have you for my friend. I thank the LORD everyday for our friendship.
Love and GOD's blessings to you and yours,

grammy said...

I always love reading these on people's posts...
it does make us take stalk of our own reasons to be thankful. I have plenty (o: