Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Idols and Material items

Do you idolize someone, a sports team, a movie star, a member of Royalty, a person that has a lot of money or a person with natural beauty?    Do you have to have a certain kind of car, a certain brand of shoes, an office, a brand new home, a certain job title or a dream vacation? 

Can you tell what I am getting at?  Idols and Material items.  Did you know that is breaking the very first commandment.

"You shall have no other Gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3

This commandment is not only about putting God first it goes for all our material possession as well.  What do we really need to survive.  
Marvin and I had this discussion recently and I asked him why he always had to wear a cap with a sports logo or a t-shirt with a sport name on it.   I asked why he didn’t have a shirt or hat that says Jesus.  He said he had never thought of it.   I think it is because society has made it acceptable, we all think it is okay to idolize everything.

I recently received an email from a blogger friend that had a perfect analogy in a letters of the word Joy that explains this.

1. Jesus

2. Others

3. Yourself
That is right we are commanded to always put Jesus first. I myself am guilty of breaking this commandment and not even realizing it.  What about you?  
When Marvin and I were also discussing this I asked him if he had ever thought about when the Queen dies and go before our Lord.  He will not be bowing in front of her.  She of course will be bowing in front of him.  She is expected to follow the same commandments as you and I do.  I wonder what that will be like?

Have a great day!

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Sister Susie said...

It is so easy to do this! Even down to collecting things! It almost becomes an obsession! As I look back over my life I remember collecting every unicorn I could find, then realized I had become obsessive with it, so I stopped! I'm sure the LORD was the reason I realized it. Years went by and another obsession with Beanie Babies started. Many of the teachers had started collecting them. The LORD again brought to mind there were more important things for me to spend my money on needs, not wants! The last and final collection I started was my movie library on DVD. This past year I donated them all but my Christian and Forest Gump! I itemized them and will be able to claim about $2500. on my income tax donations. Thank you for reminding me to always put GOD first in everything!
Your blogger friend,