Monday, February 28, 2011

Grateful Sunday full of many blessings

Sunday morning at 9 am our two grand daughters 7 year old Kayla and 4 year old Morgan came to stay with Nana and Papa all day.  What a fun day it was.  Immediately upon arriving Kayla asked me where her Princess Diana book was that I ordered for her on eBay (after a hug of course).  This book is filled with many color photos with captions of  Diana's fashion all throughout her life as a Princess. 
Debrett's Illustrated Fashion Guide to the Princess of Wales: Revised Edition
We looked at the book for about an hour so I could answer many questions.    Kayla got up and walked over to this framed picture of Marvin and I that we have sitting on the mantel on the fireplace.  This picture was was 2005 when we were on our cruise. 
Kayla said to me "Nana you look like Princess Diana in that picture, BUT you are as old as the QUEEN"  I was feeling so good about the compliment until she thought that I was really old.  Actually if Princess Diana would have lived we would be very close in age. 

Out next conversation was putting our family in birth order. I told her it was  Papa, Nana, Jennifer, her daddy Jeremy and then I said Holly was the baby.  She could not believe that Holly was the baby.  So then she wanted to know the height from tallest to shortest.  I had to get out some pictures to look. 

We finally decided the tallest was Papa, then Jeremy , then Holly, Jennifer and Nana.   I continued to pull up more pictures when I came the picture below.  The picture was taken at Outback Steakhouse last August.

4 year old Morgan got all excited to see her mom, dad, Nana and Papa.  Then in her dramatic voice she said "Morgan was lost, she went home"  Her eyes got big and she was so serious because she was not in the picture.  That is because we decided not to take the kids.    It was so cute. 

The rest of the day was filled with papa making Goulash for lunch and Root Beer Floats for a snack.  Of course Papa had just bought some Girl Scout cookies and Cheetos too!    We bought Morgan a new book too of Bugs and Spiders and Papa looked at her new book with her. 

And of course there was time to snuggle.  Tiger wanted to snuggle too. 
The girls left around 4:45 so we had  a long day.  Tomorrow I will tell you what we did after the girls left to continue on with receiving more blessings.

Have a Happy week! 


grammy said...

Sounds like a really great day. I love those days. This morning the 3 and the 5 were here for about an hour before the daycare girl came. We had a tea party...there new favorite morning thing to do. Serve tea out of a teapot and they love to add a little sugar. We had a cookie and played a simple board game then read a book. You can get a lot in a short time (o:

Bonnie said...

Waht a sweet family you have Janet. Beautiful grandkids! And I think you look much younger than the Queen and just like Diana!

Sister Susie said...

What a fun day you had! I can hardly wait for the finale of your special day!

Thank you so much for my birthday card! I got it today! It will hold a special place in my card file. I have the file beside my chair and many times I take a look and read at all my blessings of friends and family!

Keep me in prayer to our LORD concerning if I should retire.

I'm waiting for your blog tomorrow!
Love and hugs to you and yours!