Thursday, January 6, 2011


Guess who is going to Georgia this spring to see our daughter Jennifer, SIL Matt and grandkids Emma and Logan.  WE ARE in the midst of planning it.......I am so excited I can hardly contain myself........

Have a  Blessed Week!



grammy said...

It is always great to have something special to look forward to (o: have fun planning.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Just came over to let you know Susan is fine. We brought her home last night, and they didn't find anything but something we already knew about.
She just has to follow up with her
Cardiologist and primary care physician. She is feeling good and in good spirits, so glad to be home,
and her furry friends where so happy to have her home, as were we!!
That is so exciting that you are planning a trip to see your daughter and her family, bet you can't wait. Can't blame you!!
Love ya hon, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

Hi, Janet! I am doing well. I really didn't want to stir up any attention, but my teacher family said, "You ARE going to the hospital!" All of the tests came back with good report. I really think it is just stress and anxiety. I have my doctor appts. set up. Everytime I get a long break (summer, Christmas, Spring) I really hate getting up and going again! Pray for me to hold out 3 more years!!! Then I can retire! I really love Nellie and Jim so much! The LORD has His lovng Hand on them and their testimony to all! Thank you for your prayers! I didn't mean to give you a scare!
I just know you are going to enjoy your trip to see your daughter and family. I'm sure she is just as excited!
Love and hugs,