Thursday, January 13, 2011

4th and 5th days of Christmas

Fourth Day of Christmas December 28th
Four Calling Birds

"The Four Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which proclaim the Good news of God's reconciliation of the world to himself in Jesus Christ."

On the fourth day of Christmas Marvin's note to me was the love of our four grandchildren.

My note to Marvin was a reminder of a Bible Study that we took with the late Pastor Gary Wells and how much we learned from him.  This man gave us such a gift and we miss him. 

Fifth Day of Christmas December 29th
Five Golden Rings

"The first five books of the Old Testament, know as the Torah or the Pentateuch:  Genesis, Exodus. Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, which gives the history of humanity's sinful failure and God's response of grace in the creation of  people to be a light to the world."

Marvin's note to me was things that come in 5's.  The picture below is me and my brothers and sisters about 15 years ago.  From left to right David, Danny, Joan, Janet (that's me) and Joyce. 

This picture below is our family of five.

My note to Marvin was some knowledge of the first five books of the old testament.
1.  Genesis-Author unknown, the beginning, creation
2.  Exodus-Author Moses, story of water from the rock to provide life giving water for the people to drink
3.  Leviticus- Author Moses, talks about sacrifices, clean and unclean food, childbirth and disease.
4.  Numbers-Author Moses takes place in the wilderness
5.  Deuteronomy-Author Moses, the 10 Commandments, Gods Faithfulness, Holiness, blessings and warnings.

Once again I am at loss for what gifts we exchanged.  I think at the 12 days of Christmas post I will mention the gifts we received.  Because I can not remember I think the notes were much more important that a material item. 

Have a blessed day!


Bobbi said...

I love this! What a beautiful family. Have a blessed day.

grammy said...

I think it is kind of neat that the actual present is not as important in your memory as the notes (o:

Sister Susie said...

4 Calling Birds: I think of how it's so astounding to read the same message from four perspectives: a tax collector, future missionary, a doctor, and a Prophet of Revelation.

Five: I think of the 1st five commandments dealing with our relationship to GOD and the last five commandments dealing with our relationship to fellow man.

What beautiful pictures! The smiles on your grandchildren's faces are as bright as the white background!

Family pictures: I noticed there are 3 girls and 2 boys in the first and 3 ladies and 2 men in the second!

Bible: I think of the 5 major Prophets:
1. Isaiah
2. Jeremiah
3. Ezekiel
4. Daniel
5. John the Revelator

(I also answered your 2 turtle doves and 3 French Hens.)

Love to you all,

Sue said...

So blessed by this Janet, thanks for sharing.