Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.   Happy Birthday Jesus. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Our granddaughter is out if surgery and the doctor said that it went smooth. Thanks be to God.  My daughter Jennifer just called and they are on their way home.  Emma is very sleepy.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Prayers for our Grandaughter Emma

Next Tuesday December 20th our 7 year old granddaughter Emma is having eye surgery on both eyes for her lazy eyes.  This is an outpatient surgery but she does have to go under general anesthesia.  It should be a fast recovery.  Please pray that God leads the surgeons hands to be steady and the surgery goes well.  Please also pray for our daughter Jennifer and son in law Matt to feel the comfort, peace, and strength from our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sister Joyce

Today is my sister Joyce's birthday.  She is just one year older than me.  I am so blessed to have her.  Even though we live miles apart sometimes it seems like we are right here together.  We have always been close.  I love the picture below from the past. 

We have taken several vacations together and the picture below is a favorite of mine

Happy Birthday Joyce!  I love you and miss you! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Holly

Today is our daughter Holly's 28th birthday (she is our baby).  We are so proud of her.  Look at this sweet little Holly.   She was probably about 4.   She always had a smile and was very sweet.  A mama's girl. 
This is Holly and her husband Ricky today
She is still beautiful with her sparkling blue eyes and has a big heart.
 Yesterday she got an early birthday present that she was accepted to the Masters Program.   Holly loves the Ducks football team especially since she graduated from the U of O.  She has even got me loving the Ducks.  God blessed me and Marvin when he sent us Holly. 

Happy Birthday Holly!
We love you!
Mom and Dad

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking some time off blogging

I have decided that it is time for a break for blogging.  Not only is it a busy time of the year I am thinking need a break for awhile. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2011

This and That

I haven't been real busy just lazy.  I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep and all the extra sleep from the weekend.  I guess that is what I needed.
This is my Thanksgiving potpourri
Our daughter Holly made these very cute paper dolls to send to our granddaughter (sponsored) child in Africa.  Brenda is 8 years old so I think she will like them.  Can you tell it is Marvin, Brenda and me? 

We have been enjoying our bible study so much and have learned so much from our group.  Last week a couple brought in their daughter's 2002 Olympic Torch that she carried so that was neat to be able to see.  And then the same couple (Jim) talked about how he was an aide to Dwight Eisenhower when they were in Berlin.  So we got a history lesson.  We actually were talking about the first time we received communion and since I was Catholic and brought up the Church he started to talk about a Catholic Church in Berlin.   This is our last week and I am going to miss this group. 
We only had 4 trick or treaters this year.  There were not very many lights on our street.  For each of the granddkids I made up a bag of candy and also send  a letter.  I made the stationary with the pictures of the animals.  I thought it would be fun to take a picture next to our fake pumpkin with each of the animals.  I don't know what I was thinking. 
We started with Max he actually ended up doing pretty well
Next was Tiger- you can tell he was not very happy

And then Khloe she wanted nothing to do with it

I had such a sweat worked up we finally gave up on her.

Hope you have a great week! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Logan and Kayla's birthday

Since Logan birthday was on October 29th and Kayla's was on October 3oth I always hurry to post something on the 31st since they each can have one post of there of own.  So today I will tell you how it went. 

Saturday we got to talk to Logan since he lives in Georgia.  We sang Happy Birthday to him and he opened a small gift and birthday card will he was on speaker phone  The gift was a red camaro one of Marvin's collection cars he had.   Marvin said someday Logan will get it anyway and he might as well enjoy it.  It is Hot wheel.  We did not know who much he loves Hot Wheels. 

Logan's other set of grandparents where there so he was able to celebrate his birthday with them. 
Sunday he had a bowling party.  This is the only picture I have but isn't it cute?

For Kayla's birthday we drove to Portland to have a little celebration as she had already had a slumber/roller skating party last weekend.  Papa made Goulash (one of her favorites) and we had a birthday cookie

a yummy birthday cookie

So Kayla and Logan a year older.  I hope they had a Happy Birthday!  Nana and Papa love you both!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 8th birthday Kayla

Happy 8th birthday to our granddaughter Kayla.  It is so hard to believe that she is 8.  She is our oldest grand child.  She has always been so cute with pretty eyes and has caused us so much joy
She is growing up fast
and what a beauty she still is.  She loves to read
likes to dance
 and model
she likes the coast
and she loves her sister Morgan and, her mommy and daddy
and loves her Nana and Papa too!

We love you Kayla Michelle!  Happy Birthday!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Logan

Today our Grandson Logan is 4.  He is such a joy.  We went to Georgia to visit in March.  He loved his Papa to read him this book " Jesus and the 12 dudes who did"

He was such a papa's boy it was hard to get him on my lap

and he has grown since then
He is a happy little boy with spunk and a smile that warms your heart.
and he loves his mommy, daddy and sister Emma too. 
Nana and Papa love you Logan and we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Enjoying Fall and God's blessings

I have the house all decorated for fall.  The leaves are turning colors and the air has been crisp.  My favorite time of year.
I have these things on top of the entertainment center however, the cats have been knocking them over quite often and I have already had to move the runner and the flowers. 

Our pumpkin patch only produce 4 funny looking pumpkins this year.  Just enough for the family. 

and our sunflowers are still blooming and they are so pretty
and look at little Jordan (not so little anymore, I believe he weighs over 5 lbs and the plan is for him to go home this week.  Thanks be to God for this miracle.   I am sure our niece Gaylene is thrilled. 

Have a blessed week! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Woman of Faith

My daughter Holly and I attended the Women of Faith conference last weekend in Portland.   We sat with some women from our Church group.   I loved it.  I cried, laughed, clapped, sang, dance, lifted my hand in praise, hugged my daughter and had one of the best times in my life.  Since this was my first time to one I didn’t know what to expect.  We did not go to the Friday sessions but now I wish that I would have. 
Sorry for the picture of my gum but this is the only one we had with the stage in back of us. 

Like my daughter Jennifer said some people think it is like a big bible study and another friend thought it was like having a sermon.  It is not either.  It is life experiences shared by authors and celebrities.  It was so awesome.  It was also filled with music that made me cry. 

Lisa Whelchel from the 80’s sitcom “Facts of Life “Blair” spoke about friendship and wanting so desperately have a best friend.  She spoke of the importance of friends and got advice that if your friend is talking bad about someone than that is probably the way they talk about you.  She also learned how to break up a negative conversation by saying something positive about that person or changing the subject.  I just ordered her book "Friendship for Grownups"

Brenda Warner (wife of NFL player Curt Warner) spoke of her relationships and when she almost lost her 4 month old Zach when he was dropped in the bathtub while his dad (her first husband) was lifting him out of the tub.  He survived but is blind and brain damaged. He is such a joy in her life because he taught her how to live.  I have bought two of her books and have started to read one of them.

Pasty Clairmont had me rolling over laughing she was so funny,  She also walked us through her journey when her son had H1N1 and was in coma for 21 days.  She talked about how change is good.  I did not get a good picture of her.  I just bought her book "Stained Glass Hearts"
Marilyn Meberg had us laughing about her joys and heartaches.  She talked quietly and that is what made her storytelling about driving 120 mph so funny.

Sandi Patti-what can I say?  She has a voice of an angel and she had me crying because of her voice.  She also shared about her getting into the music business and how she had to wait on God’s timing

Seleh is a Christian music group.  This group of 3 each had a personal story Todd had lost his daughter Audrey the same day she was born.  They knew that she had problems before she was born
 Amy has the most powerful voice that brought me to tears.  She also shared stories about her current pregnancy and shared her ultrasound and some of the issues that go along with being pregnant.
Allan is a powerful musician and played showed us just how good he was.  I did not get a picture of them but I want to buy their CD.

Mandisa-she did not speak but just rocked the house.  I LOVE HER…… She was a former American Idol contestant. 
The Over the top worship team were also really good and entertained us.  I can't wait until next year to attend again. 

Have a Blessed Week!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My experience at the Oregon Ducks Football game.

Last Thursday night I experienced my 2nd (like the first really) Oregon Duck Football game. I worked until 2 and got home in time to throw some food together for tailgating. Holly was already making some food.    Marvin got home and showered and we were out the door.  We parked a couple of miles away carrying our food to the tailgating party. (not my idea to walk)Marvin bypassed the tailgating and went right into the game.

Holly made an awesome salmon dip, pralines, and bacon wrapped olives cooked on the grill.I made some cheesy bread.There was turkey dogs, chips and then there were beverages and jello shots…..I don’t drink but I did have on jello shot.  There was enough vodka in there to make me feel it right away

After filling our tummies with some good food we headed into Autzen Stadium. It was not raining in fact the “showers” were taken out the forecast  .I was so excited when I saw LaMichael James.He is my favorite player because he is small and fast.. 

It started to shower so we our rain ponchos out.  They did not keep us dry.  Then it really started raining.  I had this guy with boots on step on my toe and the two kids in back of me kept hitting me on the head and I was SOAKING wet…..but I was still enjoying being compacted in with a lot of rowdy people that wanted to stand for the whole game.
  Oh there is more.  We were wearing earplugs because of the noise (you know those little yellow ones.)  I had such a problem with them staying in my ear so I took one out and rolled the whole thing really small and then stuck it in my ear.  OKAY first of all I am not a little kid but when I pushed it in it went way in my ear.  I was panicking because I could feel it and it hurt.  I showed Marvin and he told me to leave it alone.  REALLY…I was ready to go to the Red Cross station so they could pull it out with a tweezers but, I put my patience on and waited about 2 minutes and then I started messing with it.  Finally I was able to pull it out.   SO enough with my problems.  LaMichael was doing great and we were winning when he went down with an injury.  He had dislocated his elbow which immediately put me in tears.  His mom went running down on the field and I wanted to go too.  But I had to sit there with all the other fans.  I was praying for him when they wheeled him out.  He is fine.  I am not sure if he will be back in this week.

The Duck was entertaining the crowd. He was down by the ESPN camera when Holly took this photo
It finally did stop raining.  Look at all the people.  What a great time it really was.  Thanks to our daughter Holly for the tickets and taking such great photos.   GO DUCKS!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn Blessings

Isn't this a cute little basket.  I found it at Walmart to add to my Fall Decorations.  Last year I decided that I would no longer decorate for Halloween but instead I would decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving.  The cats have been messing my stuff up.  I am concerned about what is going to happen at Christmas.  Khloe loves to play and is quite active.  She is really warming up to us.  She still chasing Tiger all over the house.  She has a loud voice and she gets excited when she hears me. 

Last Sunday after all the hard work the day before we were able to beat the rain and sit outside and watch the birds.  We build a fire and the kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows for breakfast. 
Even Holly's dog Sheila wanted to be kept warm

We are really enjoying our new bible study and fellowship.  We had another couple join us this week so we have a total of 10 of us.  We first have a meal around the table and then continue on with our bible study.  Marvin and I are the still the youngest couple by about 13 or 14 years although I know a few are 85.  We got to know each other better by going around the table and talking about where we were born and how we met.  I loved to hear all the stories.  We laughed and laughed. 

My mom is doing very well.  Thanks for all the prayers. 

I have a busier week coming up next week and I can't wait to tell you all about what I did. 

Have a great week!