Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Joyce!

Today is my sisters Joyces birthday!  I was blessed that God made her my sister.  She is just one year older than me.  Have a Happy Birthday Joyce!  I love you! 

This picture was taken Christmas 1964.  From left to Right Joan, Joyce (birthday girl) and me


Sister Susie said...

So, Joyce is December birthday! Tell her Happy Birthday from one of your bloggers! I can sure tell you the weather is making it feel like a northern Christmas, ha! Last night we had a freeze with much wind chill factor. Tonight we are to have a hard freeze! This only happens every so often (the weather man says!) Seasons greeting in our LORD!
Loving hugs,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet!!
Be sure and tell your sister that I hope she had a Wonderful birthday and a wonderful year ahead!!
Love that pic of yall, so cute!!

The Christmas tree was a blast from the past, I have NEVER put icicles on a tree since I have been married.
Hated those things!! lol
When I was a teenager we had one of those Aluminum Christmas trees and I hated it too! But my brother came home from the military and had pity on me and bought one of those revolving lights to shine on it!!
And that did make it much better I have to say!! lol

Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments about Scott and Megan. Yes they are very happy!!

Will send my address today hopefully. I just copy and pasted your email address into my contacts, so will go back and send
you an email.

Hope you are having a Joyous Christmas Season Sweetie,
Are you feeling much better???
Did Marvin ever catch your flu???
Hope not.........
Take Care,
Love ya, Nellie

grammy said...

Happy BD to your sis (o:
cute picture
did you all have short hair or pony tales?