Sunday, December 5, 2010

Football, Aches & Pains and getting ready for Christmas

I have been sick for the last few days with vomiting and severe muscle pains.  Today I am actually able to eat something.  I am not sure what was going on but it has not been fun.
Holly came down on Saturday to watch the Ducks football game with us. Every time they scored she would do push ups.

Marvin actually did about 15 but he took my camera away.   He is so strong.   Anyway the Ducks ended up winning and are going to the National Championship game in January. 
After the Oregon game Holly went shopping, while I rested some more until the Nebraska game came on.  They did not win but they should have.  It was a good game. 
Here is a quick peak of the tree with Max posing in front of it. 
While I should be working on my Christmas letter I am still not feeling quite up to par so I am watching a lifetime Christmas movie while Marvin is working at the concession stand with our Church group at the Ducks basketball game. 

Have a Blessed week!


grammy said...

Sorry you have been sick
things just don't wait this time of year...glad you got the tree up (not us) and are feeling better (o:
my cumputer is sick so I have not been able to visit much.
Get better and have a great week

Linda said...

So sorry you have been sick too! Not fun at all. Just when I think I am better I regress. At least we have our trees up and are partially ready for Christmas huh?

Your girl is sure a cutie. I could never do push ups...even when I was young. Now I am 60 and not much energy to do much of anything! Ha! (:>) But my Lord is merciful and kind and He gets me through.

Have a better week and feel better soon. I pray we both do.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Good to see you are feeling better,
have been trying to get over here to leave a comment but have only been reading once in a while but not commenting cause of time constraints.
So glad to see you are feeling better, have been praying for you.
Happy Birthday to your beautiful Holly, she looks like a sweetie!!
Course, how could she not be since her Mom is such a sweetie!!
Thanks for your sweet comments this morning, they always brighten my day!!
Hope Marvin doesn't get what you had... and that yall have a joyous Christmas Season,
Love ya hon, Nellie