Thursday, December 2, 2010

An answer to a prayer

God is at work in my life and had revealed a plan to answer my prayer a couple of months ago.   After 31 years of marriage Marvin and I still have to constantly work to make are relationship remain strong.   It seems like were spending too much time apart, he was watching one show in one room when I was in the other  room watching another show.    My prayer was that God bring Marvin and I closer together.    Well I listened and it was not what I expected.   Marvin is a huge sports fan and he loves the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football.   I would sometimes watch part of the games with him but really not watch (you know what I mean).    Well this year in Gods revealing plan I am a full fledged Football fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Oregon Ducks.   I have spent a lot more time watching football and of course I have so many questions.  Even when the games are over we still talk football.  We also have been watching several of the same programs which I just love.  Who would have every thought that football was an answer to my prayers.   


Linda said...

Janet...My husband is a die hard Husker fan too. We have been married for 34 years and I have never enjoyed he watches them without me. I do however watch golf with him and we enjoy that together from time to time. And I drive the golf cart while he golfs sometimes.

And we are retired, so we enjoy devotion and prayer times together each morning after breakfast, and we like to watch The Price Is Right together too, as well as House Hunters and other shows like Antique Road Show.

Then as far as other tv time in the evenings....he watches action packed cop movies and shows and they make me nervous, so I sit in the other room and watch HGTV or Hallmark channel while he watches them. So it works out.

We go to church together and shop, and eat out together too. And we enjoy our 11 grandkids together also. So no...I don't think me watching football is ever gonna happen! Ha!

But bravo to you in your endevors to have more time with the hubby. I admire that. (:>)

God bless!


Sister Susie said...

Wonderful for you, Janet! Since it is only me, I just about do what I want. I hope Marvin also shares in things you like to do!
Merry Christmas to you all,