Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving this year

 " Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (New International Version)

I just love that verse.  Although we celebrate Thanksgiving on one day of the year we should be giving thanks everyday.

Can it be almost Thanksgiving already?  The hustle and bustle have already began.  Christmas is everywhere.  I love this time of year.  People seem to be more cheerful and giving.  I often wonder why we aren't like that all year around. 

This Thanksgiving will be at my house this year.  Holly, Ricky,Jeremy, Sara, Kayla and Morgan will be at our table.  We may have extra guests as well.    We will place a call to Georgia and speak to our daughter Jennifer, Matt, Emma and Logan.  We will also place a call to my moms and hear about her day with all her family and friends at her table. 

What can  my family expect?  A lot of food, laughter, noise, prayer, and just enjoying the time that we spend with each other.  We may even sneak in a game oh I forgot the parade and football. 

Now about the menu, I am still working on it but I do know for sure these things will be served, Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, pickle and olive tray and rolls.  This year I am making a new dessert, a Harvest cake.

I am wondering about everyone else.  What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?   I hope your time is full of family and friends.


NanaNor's said...

Greetings Janet, Love hearing about your Thanksgiving plans-a large group to be sure. We will be at our oldest daughters home and the entire gang will be there so it will be dinner for 16. I will take a couple of side dishes but that makes it easy-no clean up here.
Have a delightful day,

Sister Susie said...

I go to Jim and Nellie's home for Thanksgiving. There have been some years I have gone with my neighbor, Alice to one of the fancy restaurant she knows about in Orlando!

There is so much for us all to be Thankkful for! The LORD has richly blessed Americans!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Jennifer Thom said...

I am trying a new kid friendly dessert this year. I am taking it to Logan's school first. Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie. Honestly it does not look great but it has a TON of sugar, I hope the kids like it:)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Good Morning~
Thank you for your comment this morning. I am at the airport waiting to board. I will be having lunch with Boston soon. LOL
I will think about Thanksgiving when I get home next week~although the menu is bought and planned.
Have a great day. I am heading to washington!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Thanks for coming by and leaving some great thankfuls. Sounds like you work with some really nice folks, boy, that is a real blessing!
Glad you will be having family over for Thanksgiving, that makes for a great day! That is who we are having, it will be a lil later in the day, cause our kids are going with their sweeties over to their folks to visit first, but then once they are here we have them the rest of the day, so that is nice.

I have always made Turkey for most all of our Thanksgivings, but in recent years we have changed that,
cause most of us like Chicken better than Turkey I have been making a dish called Party Chicken,
and it comes with a rice pilaf that makes it's own type of gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, brocoil casserole, usually pole beans that Susan makes, but this year green bean casserole, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan pie.
I am making myself hungry here!! lol
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and eat some stuffing for me, I usually make it even with the chicken dish but nobody else seems to care if I make it so decided why go to all that trouble if no one really cares. Easier for me!! lol
Blessings galore my sweet friend,

grammy said...

Sounds great
what is a harvest cake? sounds good. We will be in Kansas City... but already had one here with my kids and grands. I had ham. Now I have to freeze left overs before I leave. Have a great one.