Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our family loves football but is it Nebraska or Oregon

Marvin and I were born and raised in Nebraska and all of our kids were born in Nebraska.  The Nebraska Corn huskers have always made quite a name for their football team.  But 22 years ago we moved to Oregon and soon became Oregon Ducks fans too.....Okay maybe I am speaking for myself but come on the Oregon Ducks are number one in the Nation.  Holly and our son in law Matt graduated for the University of Oregon. 
To get the festivities underway for tailgating this morning Holly cut up some Jalapenos for Jalapeno poppers.  Man we were all coughing and poor Holly was even crying.  We also rolled some Olives up in Bacon so they could grill at there area this morning. 

I forgot to say it was raining this morning when we got up.  It was not in the forecast.  It has cleared off and I hope they all stay dry. 
The crowd arrived and they were off to tailgate leaving me at home to babysit for the dogs and cook up so stew for when they get home. 

Marvin is in the picture but his true love is for the Nebraska Huskers.  He is so devoted that last week this is what he did. 
Our daughters Jennifer and Holly and our son in laws Matt and Ricky all went to the Oregon-Tennessee game.

Last year during my birthday celebration we all watched the Ducks play in the Rose Bowl
I think we have that bright red husker blood in us with a love for the Oregon Ducks.  


grammy said...

Looks like a great time and great food.
Have a good Sunday (o:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Good to hear from you hon, as always.

Looks like you and your family had a nice weekend. Makes it fun when you all route for the same team, it is always good to have commonality,
and makes for a good time.

We used to love jalapeno poppers that we got at a certain restaurant, but they are no longer on our list of things to eat unfortunately!! lol

Never tried to make them, I can only eat mild jalapenos tho, forget that hot stuff for me!!

Those olives sounded interesting.
Were they green or black olives??
Didn't notice and can't go back to look at the pic......and then you wrap them in bacon. So they grill them??? wonder if you can put them in the oven on broil?? Sounds like a good appetizer. We knew a lady who used to take stella dora bread sticks and wrap them in bacon and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.
Baked them in the oven, and they were to die for!! lol

Yea, we had a very nice family celebration, it is always nice to get together, the time seems to fly by tho, course, this time we were so tired it was fine!! lol

You would probably like cuban food
if you like garlic. It isn't really all that spicy, definitely not hot...spice wise. It mainly has onions, bell peppers, garlic,
and oregano and bay leaves, sometimes cumin. So not what I consider super spicy, just flavorful.

You have a wonderful rest of the week my friend,
Love and Blessings, Nellie