Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that all the Chilean Miners were rescued.  It made the world work together like Jesus wants us all to do. 
I am thankful that even though my husband is laid off from work for this week he still gets paid since he has vacation time left.
I am thankful that Jennifer, Jeremy and Holly always call and talk to me.  It was funny this week while I was on the phone for Jeremy giving him a recipe Holly called in and she also wanted a different recipe. 

I am thankful that the weather has cooled down and the trees are beautiful.
I am thankful that we saw a snake in the backyard earlier this week. Even though I don’t like them I know they are good for your yard. We had not seen one all summer and we were afraid they were gone.
I am thankful for Pastor Barry at our Church. Each week he delivers wonderful sermons.
I am thankful that everything worked out for my daughter Jennifer so she could go back to school to be a Nurse.
I am thankful that we have shelter, food, clothes, transportation, and health insurance.
I am thankful that we have a loving God that provides for us in every need.
I am thankful for my mom. She is always there for me.

I am thankful for my daughter in law Sara.  She is a blessing in our family. 

I am thankful that my daughter Jennifer shared with me some of the things she enjoyed while growing up.  We had to be creative when they were small.  We went to the Dairy Queen and then went out to the airport and watched the planes take off and land.   Funny thing is that Jeremy and his family still go to the airport and do the same thing.

I am thankful for my daughter Holly.   She encourages me when I need it the most. 

I am thankful that I have a day off tomorrow and I get to see my son Jeremy, daughter in law Sara and granddaughters Kayla and Morgan.

Have a Blessed day!


Anonymous said...

i am thankful that you will be home with me allday cant wait to do you know what

Janet said...

Very funny Marvin. The you know what is cleaning the house together.

Stay tuned for a funny post of Marvin backing out the Garage this morning with his new car!

Sister Susie said...

Every day is a blessing from the LORD! I have recently made myself only look to the blessings and not the things that can bring me down. When I do this, I find the LORD has many more thankful things than thankless.
Blessings to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
what a great post...I loved it!!
A very nice list of Thankfuls.
I am thankful your hubby
is sooo funny!! lol
Look forward to the Marvin video
Life is so full of blessings when we look for them, huh!!
Your a blessing to my life and I am so glad I met you here in blogland.
Thanks for all your encouraging comments!
Love and Blessings for a great weekend, Nellie