Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spending some time with the grandkids and family

Whenever how ever I get to spend time with family are the best times.  Whether it is in person or a phone call this is what is so important to me. 

Friday evening we shared dinner with our son Jeremy his wife Sara her brother Travis and granddaughters Kayla and Morgan.  There was a lot of noise and fellowship that took place.  After Dinner Jeremy, Sara, and Travis went to the movies so we could have time with the girls.  I just love the innocence of children.  Morgan was very noisy and deemed herself "the drummer girl" 

Papa keep the girls entertained while waiting for the bird to get a drink.   The girls actually sat still and watched it. 

Kayla spent a lot time coloring because she noticed I did not have any Halloween decorations on the windows.  Here is what she drew for me.   It is a very good picture of a spider web.  They have been studying spiders in school so she told us all about it.   

Saturday morning we all got up by 6:30 (not by choice)  and Papa made Biscuits and Gravy.  While he was making it Morgan went and got the little keyboard and her and Sara's brother Travis entertained us.
Before they all headed out to visit Sara and Travis's dad and Grandpa, Papa Marvin dug some holes in the flower garden so the girls could add some more Tulips to the flower bed.. 

Before they left Kayla let me snap a cute picture of her modeling with her new purse that she happened to find while she was looking through my gift drawer in a dresser. 
Even though we did not have a lot time to spend with them we enjoyed every moment we had.

Have a Blessed Sunday!


Sister Susie said...

Children and grandchildren are a true blessing from the LORD! Thank you for you comment about me teaching your grandchildren. It is parents and grandparents like you that help us to keep going strong for our children!

Blessings and hugs to you and yours, Susie

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Times with grands are simply the best and truly a blessing. Hugs to you today.

grammy said...

Family times are the best (o:
glad you got to enjoy the kids
love the color you have around there...such a pretty it
The reason we could do NYC is we did have best friend from grade school through college has lived there for 35 years. I can only take it in small doses (o: