Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Restful weekend

We had a good rest full weekend with it raining on Saturday.  We got a call from our grandson Logan.  He is going to be 3 in a few weeks,  He talks so well.  He told me his daddy was at the store getting Root Beer for Root Beer floats.  I asked if I could come over and he asked his mom.  He said yes come on over.  I told him I would have to get on airplane.  He replied "oh" he sounded so disappointed.  Anyway I told him we are going to visit him in the spring.  He said I could play with his sisters toys.  We talked about his trucks, cars and what he likes to eat.   He also said I can sleep in his bed.

I really don't think that would work.  Although I was able to fit on the bottom bunk of Kayla and Morgans beds.  That in inself is a story to be told.  LOL 
 Logan also to me if I come to his house that Mommy would make me exercise.  My idea of exercise is a walk or 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Jennifers idea is a lot lot more. 
Jennifer and her husband Matt ran a race together on Saturday.  I am so proud of these kids.  Jennifer loves to run.  They are also training for another race.  Talk about a proud mother, Jennifer is going to back school.  I don't know she does it. 

Our granddaughter Emma sang to us "I am proud to be an American"  We just love that song and since her daddy is in the Army they must teach the kids that song. 

Even though are Georgia family is far away we carry them with us each day in our hearts. 


Sister Susie said...

I didn't realize how big our hearts really are until I started thinking of all the family and friends that we love.

I can only imagine the sleeping experience. I remember one time when I slept in a child's bunk bed (on the bottom.) All I could feel was every slat the bed had. I was concerned with getting out, hoping I didn't break any of the slats, lol!

Enjoy your journey, sights, and family!
Love and hugs,

Sister Susie said...

Hi, Janet.
I've been feeling better, just tired. How is Diane doing? I'm continuing my prayers for her. How is the young girl with lymphoma? I have been praying for her too!

Have a great day!