Friday, October 8, 2010

Our last day in Newport

Last Thursday was our last day on the coast.  We headed down the bay front to eat at Mo's (known for their clam chowder) I don't like clam chowder but we usually always go their anyway.  I had some good prawns.  When we walked in I was so excited because there was a table of Mennonite women eating in there.  I am such an Amish fan I told Marvin I wanted to sit really close.  So we did get kind of close but not close enough to hear any conversation though.  I really wanted to talk to them and tried not to stare.  However they had a girl with them that was in a wheelchair and needed to be fed.  She stared at me the whole time.  I just smiled back.  I really wanted to take a picture but I did not want to be rude. 

Anyway after we ate we decided to walk along the stinky bay front.  I just feel so icky when we are down there.  We heard the sea lions so we walked a ways to see them.  We really enjoyed watching them.  They were fighting over a place to lay. 

If you look carefully here or enlarge the picture you can see a few sea lions
 Here they were literally lay on top of each other for a spot.
.  Look the size of these.  Marvin thought they must weigh 400 or 500 pounds at least. 

After all the excitement it was back to the condo to relax.  Next post will be about watching the granddaughters overnight while their parents get away from the night. 


Sister Susie said...

What a great day! Your pictures reminds me so much of when I grew up in the Florida Keys with all of the fresh fish we got down there!
I think you may have seen the picture of the 400 pound "sea bass" grouper dad got spear fishing! Enjoy your travels!
Love and hugs,

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi janet,
Looks like it was a great day. I too love the Amish people, I have always admired their work ethic, gifts and talents.

The sea lions are beautiful creatures, but hate they have to live in such crowded conditions.
Thank you for sharing of your trip.

Thank you for visiting me and for taking time to leave me such a sweet comment.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Looks like you had a fun time watching the Sea lions. Wow, there was a bunch. They are so cute especially if there are babies.
So glad you are having such a nice vacation.

I did not realize that mennonites were Amish. I used to have some mennonites girls I went to school with and we have some dear and old friends that the hubby grew up as a mennonite, and he is just the sweetness, humblest and gentlest man. I would really love to go to
Pa. I think it is, where there are
Amish towns and they drive horse and buggies. I like you, find it very interesting. They certainly live a simple life.
Well, enjoy the rest of your sweet vacation my dear,
Love and blessings, Nellie
P.S. Thanks for coming by yesterday and for your sweet and encouraging thoughts. They blessed my heart!!