Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our 2nd day at Seaside

Tuesday morning we got up and walked about 4 blocks to have breakfast. Between the hot flashes and humidity I had to limit my coffee intake although I order a great Fritada that had some spicy salsa with it.
After breakfast it was too early to shop so we window shopped and then headed back to our room so we could read. I was absorbed in my Amish Novel while Marvin was reading his Western books. We had our balcony door propped open when I heard something so I took a look this is what I saw
this pigeon decided to pay us a visit. He was not afraid at all. I am sure he wanted something to eat but I just watched him awhile and went back to lay on the sofa and read until I saw this

The bird had moved over on the railing so he could look right in our room. I was so amazed and just stared at him for awhile. Finally I started back reading when he disappeared (to the room next door)
The funny thing about this is those pigeons are so aggressive. When we had been to the beach earlier I had to keep ducking because they kept swooping down.

stay tuned as we continue on to vacation in Newport Oregon.


Mari said...

OH are at the seaside too? How cool is that? Such an awesome time to spend in this beautiful setting.
I am happy for you.

Thanks for stopping by today. This is the perfect time for me to get quiet before God and pray for His direction. We have some huge decisions to make.

Enjoy your time!

Sister Susie said...

I love your picture of the pigeon on the railing! Is it a pigeon or a sea gull? I know exactly what you mean about their aggressiveness; especially if you have any food! It was so pretty, I had to add it to my picture "bird" file! Continue to enjoy your vacation.
Love and hugs to you too!

grammy said...

They are big too
especially next to a toddler
I think it was a spy sent to check on your vacation (o:

Janet said...

oops Marvin told me they are seagulls not pigeons.

Thanks Susie for correcting me!