Thursday, October 7, 2010

Onward to Newport

We got up last Wednesday morning and headed to Newport. We stopped in Tillamook and toured the cheese factory. They were packaging cheese. We also got some cheese samples. yummy....

Next we stopped in Depoe Bay Oregon. It was so warm out. I stood out by the walkway and the Ocean water blew up on me. It was wonderful and beautiful.

We were anxious to get checked into our condo and be lazy for a couple of days.  We were supposed to have ocean view and we didn't so that did not make us happy.  They also had to close the beach access because of the all the rain so it was too dangerous.  The condo was beautiful and we had a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.   I love baths so I thought I get my lavender bubble bath out and have a nice soak and relaxing soothing jacuzzi with those four jets just hitting the spots.  Since the control has to be so far away from the tub I just started the timer and bubbles and water flew all over.  So I shut it off and cleaned up the mess.  I yelled for Marvin to come upstairs to turn in on once I ran a little more water and I was sitting down.  He turns it on and more water and more bubbles fly all over the bathroom.  I was laughing so hard but I got out cleaned up the mess when Marvin suggested checking to make sure the jets are all facing down.   Genius...Now why would the jets not be facing down if housekeeping just cleaned the tub?  wouldn't they want to make sure that water and bubbles did not fly all over TWICE????  of course that was the problem......I got back in and I could not relax so much for my jacuzzi experience. 

We did have a great time and had lots of laugh.  Next post we head down to the Bay front. 


Sister Susie said...

I just love cheese, even blue cheese! I know you enjoyed the samples they had!

Your jacuzzi experience reminds me when I went on a church trip to Israel. My friend from the church came out of the bathroom saying she would have to order more towels before I took my shower. After the towels arrived, I went in and turned on the shower!!! I needed some extra towels too! I couldn't believe the water pressure that was 7 floors high! It blew the shower curtain out with water going all over the place, ha! I did the very same thing Carol had done, lol! I wondered why she needed so many towels, ha!

Enjoy your vacation!
Love and hugs,

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh thank you for sharing!
Hope you are having a great evening!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again,
Sorry about your jacuzzi experience, that is a bummer!! But at least you did gets some laughs. I'm with you,
I would think that whoever cleaned it last would make sure those jets were where they are suppose to be.
Ya know I am just thinking maybe the person who cleans never used a jacuzzi before and didn't realize they it mattered how they were turned. Maybe you should mention it to the condo owners just in case.
Just what you want to do on vacation clean up water all over the bathroom... not just once but twice!!
Have a good day,
Love ya, Nellie