Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Monday -getting ready to head out

Last Monday morning we got up early so we could walk with Kayla to school. Marvin and Jeremy decided to make a trip to Donut shop and Kayla wanted to go along. Here she models her beautiful sweater her Great Aunt Lorene knitted for her.

Here Kayla and her mommy Sara pose for a picture while we wait for the school doors to open.

It was fun to get to see Kayla's classroom and where she sits

Jeremy our handsome son soon has to head off to work

We sit and chat a bit and I think Max knew we were going to leave because he wanted to be close to me. He really looked uncomfortable but we were laughing. Our daughter in law Sara snapped this picture.

Then he got down and we found him like this

too be continued as we venture west.

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Sister Susie said...

Lorene did a nice job on Kayla's pretty pink sweater! Your picture of her classroom brings back memories form a few hours ago, ha!
If we could only hold the pose Max was holding! At my age now, I don't think it would help my muscle strength. It would probably break my back! Oh, the things our kids and animals can do. I try to remember back when I used to be as agile, but I can't remember, ha!
My love and joy to you and yours,