Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heading to the Coast

Monday we headed out in hopes of finding a Red Lobster for lunch before we head to the coast. We have not had a Red Lobster in town for several years. They are building one now and it will open in February. Anyway we had a great lunch and were enjoying being on vacation.
We then head out for Seaside. When we arrive it is to the grocery store since we have a condo to stock up on some goodies (bad bad food). Anyway we noticed the temperature was 81 degrees with a high humidity. This was not making us very happy as we wanted it to be dreary and cool like it normally is. We hit the outlet malls and I am literally burning up and had a bad headache. I finally found Marvin in Harry and David and went in stuck my head in the freezer for a few minutes. We soon get in Marvin's BLACK car where it is about 150 degrees and check in at the condo. We get to our studio and walk in and it is about 100 degrees in the room. I look everywhere for the air conditioner thermostat. There was not one because normally it is not necessary. We had a fan and left our door open. You can say it was one hot evening.
Finally it started to cool down at the time of sunset.

I just loved the wet sand and it formation from high tide.

Sea foam

beautiful sunset

stay tuned as I continue to tell about our journey as we have a unexpected vistor......


grammy said...

Just caught up...cute kidos and cute sweater (o:
Have a great time... hope it gets cooler
it has been much warmer than usual here too

Sister Susie said...

MY.....the weather sounds like Florida weather!! Ha! We right now are having one really nice cool wave (in the early mornings, that is.) By the afternoon it's back up in the high 80's. Usually by dusk, the cool breeze is back again. It looks like you may have finally cooled off in your last picture with you sweatshirt hood over your head. I hope it stays cool for you. I know in a few months I'll be complaining about it being to cold. lol!
Take care, hugs to you and yours!