Sunday, September 19, 2010

A great weekend

It has turned into a great weekend after I ended up Thursday evening in Urgent care for a bladder infection. I worked for about an hour Friday morning and felt so bad I came home. I spent a lot of time in bed but slowly I have felt better.

Yesterday we were blessed with a call from our Georgia grand kids Emma and Logan. They are so cute to talk to. This week Logan told me he had money when I asked him where he got it he said "from Emma's wallet" I was laughing out loud. Emma made it clear to Papa that she does not have any boyfriends and she is tired of him asking. She also sang the State song twice. The second round had me and Papa doing a little dance.

Yesterday afternoon we skyped with our Oregon grand kids Kayla and Morgan. We talked for a few minutes when they said where is Max (the dog) they always want to check on him. Kayla showed us her diary. It was so cute because Morgan got down but she kept yelling in the background that she had a grasshopper. I thought she really had one but it was just a book.

Have a blessed week!

The best medicine that I had was talking to my grand kids and all three of my kids. They are such joy and blessings.

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