Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Only Good things

It is only 3 more nights to sleep until we get to Emma and Logan (my Georgia grandkids) and 2 more night to sleep until we get to see our daughter Jennifer and her hubby Matt.

We get to see our daughter Holly and her hubby Ricky this weekend!

Our friend Diane is home from the hospital and recovering well. Thank you for all the prayers

Our son Jeremy and his family have a house in Portland and have moved in.

Our daughter in law Sara was down today and took Marie their cat home. (Good thing) Marie decide that she would be the dominate animal in our household and poor Tiger kept running around the house scared. Baby Kitty laid on the floor and just watched Marie growl at her. (We think baby kitty is blind). Max the poor dog was being chased by Marie. She was making it clear it was her house. NOT…..

We got an updated photo of Brenda (our child we sponsor in Africa)

I got my new Scentcy order yesterday that I ordered for a fundraiser for my niece Allison. I love the new Lemon Coconut scent.

Tomorrow night is girls night out! It is fun to eat Dinner and chat with the

The weather is a tad bite cooler. I am excited for the fall weather.

Have a GOOD day!

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Sister Susie said...

I wish our weather would get just a few degrees cooler! Just yesterday eight other teachers and I met at Chili's for dinner! We're all getting ready to start back on Monday! I'm so blessed to know Diane is home and doing better! I'll continue to pray for her. The 8 "kids" of mine have been doing well. The dogs all move when I move, ha! If I'm in the den and move to my computer, they all come and lay on the cool floor. If I go to watch t.v., they all move to laying around my chair, ha!
Blessings to you and yours,