Sunday, August 8, 2010

A family filled weekend that began Friday night

We have had the most joyful family filled weekend with all our kids and grand kids. It all started Friday after Marvin and I got off from work, got the dog to boarder and hit the road to Portland. We did have some traffic but we made good time. We all met at The outback without children for a good quiet dinner. We all had not been together for 2 years so you can imagine the joy that we felt.

As far as a quiet dinner it really was not. There was alot of laughter and catching up. Marvin and I left to go back to Hollys so we could go to bed while the rest hit some Portland downtown clubs. So imagine it is about 9:00 (past Marvin's and my bedtime) and it is dark (neither of us see well in the dark) we have about a 40 minute drive to Holly's (I have mapquest) and Marvin has his car so he is wanting to use the Power to get back sooner? It was a real test to get back safely. Portland was beautiful all lit up.

Friday night was a wonderful night to what was going to come on Saturday..the grandkids. Stay tuned as I will be posting more.

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Sister Susie said...

It is always such a joyous occasion when family can get together. I always enjoy when Jim/Nellie, family, and I can get together. God just fills ours hearts with love. I love your first picture. Your grandson looks so cute on grandpa's knee!
Blessings on you all,