Sunday, August 1, 2010

Amazing recovery

We just back back from visiting with our friend Diane. Today marks her 81st day in the hospital (including a couple of weeks in rehab) She has been in the ICU, had 3 brain surgeries and numerous other tests. She had a bright smile when we walked in her room and her eyes lite up when we told her we brought her a box of chocolates. We chatted and chatted. She wanted to know what state we saw her in. She is trying so hard to remember but last time we saw her she was sleeping. She is back to herself for the most part except she has some memory issues and of course with the stroke she is using a walker. BUT she is doing remarkably well and speaking very clearly. I am giving all the glory to God. He is a wonderful and faithful God.


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Sister Susie said...

Praise our Creator God and Savior! I am so happy to read the great news. I continue to pray!
Blessings and love to you and Diane,