Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sometimes I just need to laugh

It all started last Sunday at Church. I was taught from an early age that it was not okay to laugh in Church. I got that reminder a lot because I get the giggles a lot. This week in Church during the sermon Marvin was pointing to his sermon notes in which he wrote "trails and temptation" instead of "trials and temptation" that is all that it took to set me off in an uncontrollable laughter. Soon I stopped and concentrated on the rest of the sermon. I just knew Pastor Barry had saw me. Then during the invitation song Marvins new phone started to vibrate and then it made it a loud noise, the funny part was the lady sitting next to Marvin turned to him and said "that was not my phone" once again I burst into laughter. I finally got it under control but felt really bad. I wrote Pastor Barry a note today apologizing because I felt so disrespectful to him and to God. This is what he wrote back:
"I did not notice you laughing in worship, but please know that laughter is always welcome in worship. I know you and am certain you would never do anything to intentionally disrespect anyone. Thanks for your concern and all is fine!"
I felt a lot better but I still know I have to keep it under control.

So this morning it started again for me, I get to work and shut of my SUV. I must have hit the panic button and panic is what I did because I did not know how to get it off. First I hit the unlock button, then the lock button and then I hit the panic button again and the was the magic button. Needless to say my heart was still pounding hard when I got into my office.

During my lunch break I was doing my online banking when I noticed a large check that cleared but I did not recognize the amount. My heart started racing as I realized I had wrote my mortgage check for the incorrect amount (it was actually my checkbook balance) It was a simple fix when I called and made the remaining payment over the phone.

So I did get my laughs in today.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Well Janet,
You are in good company. Things hit me funny at the wrong time too.
Once I was at a funeral (because a friend happened to be at a viewing for someone else, and there was this lil ol lady sitting with her son who had passed away at the funeral home, so she and a friend felt so badly for her they went over to talk with her and then they called our Pastor over, who she asked if he would do the funeral, and she asked my friends if they would come to the funeral.
well, when my friend got home she called and said Nellie what are you doing tomorrow?? and I said
nothing inparticular why??? and she said how would you like to go to a funeral??? and started to laugh, but she was dead serious,
so she told me the story and how sad it was, so I said. okay, I'm in)
So we went to the funeral and I am not great with open caskets, so as I am sitting there, they never came to close it before the service so here I am looking at this casket with a deceased person, and It strikes me I don't even know the mans name, anyway,
the humor of the whole thing decided to hit me just as our pastor is starting to do the service, I literally, had to hold my cheeks to keep from laughing, and I did not dare....dare to look at my friend, cause we are catalysts for one another, so I just stared at the floor holding my cheeks and probably turning purple trying not too laugh. I kept saying to myself, Nellie, you are representing the church get a grip on yourself!! I was never so glad to have anything over with in my whole life. Then we rode out to the graveside in someones van, and
as I went to get out of the van my high heel caught in the skirt of my dress and I literally fell out of the van!! and of course, that made me laugh again, and I am now trying to contain myslef all over again.
The greatest thing was this lil lady was not a believer and started to come to our church at the age of 80 something and came to know christ, and that same Pastor did her funeral about 10 yrs. later. Isn't that neat!!
So keep on laughing, it keeps you young and full of joy!!
That was so nice what your Pastor said, and so nice you wrote and were concerned, sometimes a girl just has to laugh, and that is a good thing!!
Blessings my friend,

Sister Susie said...

Banking! I haven't in years used one of the outside teller machines. I went to Publix to cash out when I bought something, but they wouldn't cash what I needed, so I used the ATM. I was so concerned at the amount I cashed out, and the people around me that were going into the store, I walked away forgetting to close out my account! I didn't think about it until I got home!! So I rushed back down thinking it would still be opened and my account wiped out! When I got there one of the employees was there cleaning the windows. He assured me that it quickly will automatically close out. It took me a few days before I felt better about it when I check my balance later. Now, I know that's not funny (it goes alone with your last comment.) My funny...I'm surprised I haven't been reprimanded by my principal. There's nothing I hate anymore than having to sit in a faculty meeting for an hour and hear nothing but "bad news" coming down from the county. As well as being tired (I get more silly.) I usually start making comments to my kndg friends around me that usually has a funny side which I know the principal wouldn't think so. It then starts as smirks,quickly turning into giggles, rapidly changing to laughs (you try to cover up with coughs,) swiftly varying to the clearing of your throat. Beleive it or not, I have even gotten into coughing fits and had to leave while trying to hold my breath. I usually have had one of the others quick on my heels with the same problem! That makes it worse. We then both get into barrel laughs hoping it hasn't been heard outside! It's hard to come back in while wiping away the tears, drying your face, and feeling it's about to start all over again! lol!
I have been told laughter is good for the heart! I hope it won't be my downfall, ha! Thank goodness we only meet once a month. Each time we sit down, I've had them tell me, "Okay, Susan, behave yourself!"
With laughter and hugs,

Sister Susie said...
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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again Janet,
So glad my comment made you laugh and that it arrived just at the right time. God is so good!!

So sorry about the thing with your daughter too. Oh,the joys of parenthood!! They can sure make you feel bad sometimes!! I think the enemy loves to use our kids to make us lose our JOY!! Since they are part of the joy of our lives.
Will pray the Lord changes things over the next few days. My daughter can flare up one minute and be a different girl a day later!! After all they are women!! lol We can all be a bit fickle at times. Course, not us of course!! lol
Hope you have a great evening hon,
try not to take it too personally,
maybe she is just having a bad day and taking it out on you!! We usually take things out on the person we love the most, safer that way!!
Blessings for a quiet and peaceful evening!! More laughter please!!
That is it, the enemy hates your laughter and wanted to put a stop to it!! Don't let him!!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Thanks for making me laugh!
You have a great day!