Sunday, July 11, 2010

My grandkids, Todays Sermon, and saying goodbye to someone special

Grand kids

Yesterday we were able to talk to our Georgia grand kids Emma 5 and Logan 2. Emma was excited because she was going to get to meet the new babysitter. She also told us how she rides her bike all over and has not had a bike wreck yet. So cute. Oh and she has a new friend "Lucas" that she like to play with. Logan got on the phone and chatted a bit. He is so adorable. He sounds just like his sister. Then he hung up on us so that ended the conversation.

Yesterday afternoon our Oregon grand kids Kayla 6 and Morgan 3 stopped by to rest on their way back from Portland. They have not found a place to live yet so will be back next week. It was good to see them.


Todays Sermon was from James 1:19-25 "Living the Word of God" There was no laughter this week BUT I did hurt myself. I let my bulletin slip through the seat and I needed it to take sermon notes. So after the prayer I got up quickly and slipped around the pew in back of me and I smacked my leg hard on the end of the pew. I had to sit with my cold water bottle on it and catch my breath becasue I thought I was going to pass out. I am sure it will bruise. Anyway the Sermon was on "Be quick to listen, slow to speak and get rid of the moral filth in evil. When we are angry or bitter it is hard to hear and live the word of God . We must reflect upon Gods word to be blessed by it. It is something I will be working on.

A Blessing

Last night our neighbor walked down and told us about about former neighbor Virgina. She was 85. Virginia went to her glory last Friday night. She was a good example of a Christan and we were blessed to have known her.


Sister Susie said...

My "kids" have been keeping me busy! They all seem to want attention at the same time, lol.

I have been listening to sermons from everywhere; computer sites (Stanley, Hagee, Van Impe) as well as t.v. and my pastor as well. He has been going through a two year series that will take us through the whole Bible. This week it was Joshua. Joshua had to reteach the children of Israel as all of those from the past generation has died in the wilderness. It seems we all have to continue to be reminded to keep our eyes on God. Your pastor's sermon from James does just that. It reminds me of the verse that tells us that we are in the world, but should not be of the world.

We shall meet your friend again and what a meeting that will be!
Blessings on you and yours,

grammy said...

you sure have some crazy things happen in church...almost caused a camotion again (o: Just kiddin.
Glad you got to talk to the little fun.