Thursday, June 3, 2010

update on Diane

Diane had surgery on Tuesday to replace the ventricular shunt in her brain. She is back in ICU. Below is the latest journal on her condition. Please keep her in your prayers..

"Diane remains in the ICU. She is arousable to swallow her medications​, but has slept most of the day.

She has had a high fever all day. Doctors are looking for a source of infection and are considering that this could be from having brain surgery alone. Please pray for her protection from any setbacks and for anything hidden from her care team to be revealed (or supernatura​lly healed would be fine:).

Fami​ly is tired. Pray for strength and energy and for clear minds"


grammy said...

Just said a prayer (o:

Sister Susie said...

My prayers go up daily. I will continue to pray for Diane's fever to cease and healing to take place. The LORD is hearing our prayers as Glory to Him for our trust and obeying Him by praying to Him for answers to all things. Many times answers come immediately; others times we are made to wait for the answers. Sometimes the answers are what we want; other times answers are what we need to bring us closer to our Holy God. In all, God's Will is what is done. Praise Him that He is All-Knowing before we ever began to pray.
Love to you and yours,