Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our blessing Logan our only grandson

Up until almost 3 years ago we had 3 granddaughters. When our daughter Jennifer called us and told us she was having a boy I think I screamed in the phone. Don't get me wrong I love little girls but I wanted a little grandson. Logan is the cutest littlest fella. He talks a lot and we enjoy talking to him on the phone. We have also got to hear him crying, laughing and fighting with his sister Emma. This is a little about my blessing Logan

He is like a fish and loves the water

He is a camper

He likes big trucks

He like to ride his bike

He likes to get a haircut just like his daddy

He is just plain cute and loves his mommy daddy and big sister Emma


Sister Susie said...

What is this little fellow going to do with all of this LOVE from his sisters, gramma, grampa, and your bloggers!! Give him a hug and squeeze for me! (I like trucks too as you have seen on my earlier blogs!)
Hugs and blessings on you all,

grammy said...

I just got caught up
don't know how I missed all that
guess having Grand kids here full time makes me SLOW at everything (o:
i wish my son had the privilege of having a boy...
but the stopped after 4 girls
I love them to death (o:
so fun to see all your Grand kids
I wish one of mine played baseball...only soccer and ballet....we had a big Nutcracker advent at Christmas
My girls are use to having the movie screen in the my car would never do