Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last weekend Blessings-Kayla and Morgan

Friday morning was a beautiful day to head to K Falls to see the kids

This trip was to see Kayla’s Ballet and tap recital. This show was combined with a classical Ballet production of “Giselle”. I had never been to be a performance like that before. First let me say that Kayla’s ballet piece had me in tears. They also had a cute tap routine. I loved all the little short performances. We had an intermission and only Kayla, Sara and I stayed behind for the the Giselle performance. I have never been so intrigued before about ballet. Their graceful moves and the story that was told. I loved it and now I am looking forward to going to a Ballet at the Hult Center.

Saturday morning we were up and off to see Kayla play T-ball. We were very entertained except I had to find a shade tree. I was amazed at how these kids can hit the ball. Kayla hit without the tee.

After the game it was time to head home on the long 3 hour drive. Kayla and Morgan both decided they wanted to ride with Papa and Nana in Papas new car. Did I say 3 HOURS home with a 3 and 6 year old? The kids kept us entertained by their fighting and talking. Did I say 3 HOURS? Kayla the 6 year kept asking every few minutes how close we were to the next town, when we told her we didn't know she said will you call my daddy and find out? and then she said "you guys do know how to get to Eugene don't you?" Marvin and I were rolling over. We then were talking about how girls rule and maybe papa should get out of the car, I said then who will drive and Kayla replied "not you Nana because you are not a very good driver" when I asked her where she heard that she said to me "you are the one that said it" I think she must have heard me the day before tell her dad that I did not want to drive his truck because I was not a very good driver. What a little stinker......

We made 2 pit stops on the way and finally we got home. Kayla continued on after we got home asking how many hours until we could go get the dog.....I finally told her to go ask her Dad. LOL we had a lot of fun.


Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures -- you are very blessed!

I am glad that you had such a great weekend.

Blessings on your Tuesday.


Sister Susie said...

Believe it or not, I don't think 18five year olds in a classroom could be like two young ones in a car for three hours. You did great, lol! What a joy to witness your wee ones and their activities!
Blessings and hugs,