Saturday, June 19, 2010

A great idea that didn't work so well

I had a great idea to make a Fathers Day card for Marvin from the pets. It came to me yesterday at work. We head out last night to go to Walmart. I told Marvin I would just run in quick to get something but he insisted on going in with me. I had to think quick. I told him I was heading to the Craft isile to buy some washable paints. He asked what I was doing with paints and I said I making something for Brenda (our African daughter) He accepted that answer.
First thing this morning I thought since Marvin was taking Max for his haircut I I would have plenty of time.
I set up 3 different color paints and the put the camera on the tripod. I had figured out how to set the timer and was all set to go.

I grab Tiger and I set the timer on the camera. Once again I failed to get that darn timer to work so I move the tripod and have to reach up and take pictures myself. If you haven't guessed by now I was going to do a paw print card for Marvin from Tiger.

So we start or I start by dipping Tigers paw in the green paint. He of course resists and starts growling

I keep trying to take pictures and I get green paint all over

I finish up becasue of the paint mess. This is what Tiger created.

At this point I am trying to get the paint off Tiger becasue I know that Marvin will wonder why he has green paint all over him. He would have no part of it so I knew I would have to make the card and give it to Marvin right when he got home. When Marvin pulled up I was still working on the card and having massive hot flashes. Marvin love the card.

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Sister Susie said...

What a neat card you made! I know Marvin loves it, who wouldn't with all of those green paw prints, ha! Sarah would have had me clawed up one side and down the other if I tried that with her, lol! I usually use their pictures set into a picture scene. (Christmas; they all had reindeer antlers, even the birds, ha!) Tell Marvin, "Happy Father's Day."
Blessings and hugs,