Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yesterday Saturday

This has been a great weekend! Yesterday it started with Holly. She made me this great little scrapbook. (notice it also spells MOM)

Holly also got her Lia Sophia Jewelry order and gave me a beautiful slide.
Marvin, Holly and I headed to the Saturday market yesterday. We had so much fun walking around, people watching and EATING.....I had a great organic tempeh sandwich it was so yummy. Anyway we also picked up some rhubarb so I could bake a rhubarb crisp.
We came home for a rest and got the mail and I received this nice card and gift card from my daughter Jennifer and her family

A bed bath and beyond card (I can't wait to use it) Jennifer called and we had a nice visit. I got to talk to Logan for a few minutes too.
My son in law Ricky was grilling some steaks for us at his moms so we headed out there and had a great meal. We played some cards until the phone rang that Jeremy, Sara and the girls decided they were going to visit (unplanned) and had forgot their house keys. So we head back home and then Jeremy and Sara head out to a late movie and while I went and layed down with the girls to get them to sleep. What a great way to end my day!

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
What a pretty card and a beatiful scrap book, and the slide?? is that to put on a chain and make a necklace??
Rhubarb cobbler, someone made some and brought it over once and oh my
what good stuff that is!!! Loved it!!
So glad you are having such a fun
weekend, so nice you were able to be with your son and his family for the day.
Blessings, nellie