Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update on my friend Diane

My friend Diane is taking slowing baby steps to recovery. Below are a few of her journals that her sister wrote. The family had been intentional in their updates to protect Diane and her dignity

Diane has had a major injury to her brain, a hemorrhagic stroke. Her neurologic, sensory, perception, motor and cognitive functions are not intact. She remains in the ICU. Without a blow your socks off miracle (we are more than open to this:)), Diane and our family are in for an arduous and lengthy restoration.

Since that journal we have received word that she is out of ICU. Latest update is below

Dr. Hauck reviewed today's CT scan of Diane's brain. There are no changes (this is a good thing) in the size of her ventricles and it appears that they are draining as he would expect and appreciate.​

Because she is holding her own, there will not be any surgery today to place a ventricular shunt. The plan is to continue weaning her from the spinal catheter and see if it can not be pulled early next week. If this goes well, the shunt surgery may not be neccessary. We will pray that she continues to tolerate this process.

Spe​cific prayers are desired regarding her left sided sight and motor/senso​ry functions. We are asking for steady progress and complete restoration.

Tomorrow we are planning to head back to the hospital so I will update more than. Thanks for the prayers.


Sister Susie said...

Thank you, Janet for giving me specifics to pray for Diane. Within me I am praying that there is such a fellowship with our LORD occurring within her that only she can know in her deep subconscious. Many times we see the outside of things, but don't realize the secret fellowship that our God has with His Children in need of His Love and reassurance.
Blessings and hugs for you and Diane, Susie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Glad you recovered well from your colonoscopy!! So glad to hear there is a lil bit more positive news about your friend. Hope it is even better once you see her.
Blessings, Nellie