Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prep day

Today is my prep day for my Colonoscopy tomorrow. After talking to my friend Cindy who just had hers earlier this week my only fear is the IV because they can never find a vein. When I had my appendix out they had to get the anesthesiologist to put it in. This has always been an issue for me since I have small veins that roll. Wish me luck.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Hope you are feeling okay by now,
and that everything went well.
You brave girl, do proud of you!!
I know you must be sooo happy it is over, and yet feel so pumped that you did it!! good for you!!

Am so sorry to hear Diane is not doing better, will sure keep praying hon.

I made a bunch of Drs. appts. today cause we are trying to get them all in cause we are on cobra Ins. and we don't know how long we will be able to keep it, so we are getting it all done this month.
I am thinking Gee Lord, I hope you didn't have to lay Jim off cause his wife was procrastinating about going to the Drs, cause I did say what is wrong with me lord, can you please help me here!! lol

So guess I'll know if he gets a job as soon as I get all my appts.
done!! lol

Sister Susie said...

When they start to wake you up, you think, "Is it done already!!"
At least that was my response when it was over. I know you are glad it is done!! God's greatest blessings on the results! Just think, you have ten years before it has to be done again! I think mine is due in the next couple of years. Yuk! I pray Diane is doing better today. I've always been told it seems that night brings on less strength while strength picks up during the day. I'm so glad we are all in our Holy God's hands. In His Love, Susie

grammy said...

It should be all over by now
You will be celebrating that it is over (o:
I had a checkup today with blood draw and ...everything else (o:
I actually walked next door and made my appointment for my 2nd colonoscopy...oh boy...hate the prep stuff you have to drink