Sunday, May 16, 2010

Part 2 from Saturday-To the Coast

In part one I talked about how Marvin's cars delayed our day to head to the coast. Well lets rewind a bit we leave at 9 and then come back home because we forgot a few things, then we have to go to the ATM, then to get gas (and just about blow up) onward we head towards the coast but I am cold so we have to stop and get me a coffee, back on the road until we hit the casino (yes I had 20.00 worth of free money) we stay 15 minutes and I walk out with 5.00 more than I had when I walked in so I won a few bucks. Then we head to the Old Towne for lunch and drive around to find the restaurant we want to eat at (I even called my daughter in law Sara) finally we found it and only to find it is is closed. We park and shop a little and settle for a Seafood house. Marvin has shrimp and I have salmon. It was yummy....Out the door for more shopping and then we see this (totally ignoring the warning sign on the door) "Warning weight gain is possible by entering this shop"

and I see this......SALT WATER TAFFY

Marvin got some hot Carmel corn and me some candy.....We walk a bit and then head to see the beach.
Up the beautiful Oregon coast we drive and in the distance we see it the Pacific ocean (what a glorious site, I still the get feeling of joy after all these years)

We had never been to the lighthouse so we head to the parking lot, pay the state park fee and head to the trail

Look at the beautiful ocean

On the steep trail (yes I got out of breath) we saw these beautiful flowers

(to be to be continued)

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Sister Susie said...

What a nice trip! I know what you mean (even though I live in Florida, we do get cold!) Coffee is wonderful to warm your bones! I see all of the delicious treats! I do the same when I go to Perkins to eat. They have all of these homemade pies, muffins, and cookies! I usually buy muffins and take all but two into school to share with the other teachers in my pod. It looked chilly on the Pacific coast. Your pictures were really nice. I think I like best, the one of you and hubby. I think I have seen one similar to it, ha! Blessings to you and yours,