Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Wednesday

I work in a park like setting close to the river so we see ducks, Canadian geese and raccoons. Yesterday I was able to run down and snap some pictures of the beautiful Canadian geese with their babies (is it goslings?) From my office window I can see them sometimes. When I snapped this picture one of the adults didn't like me to be so close so she hissed. I took off of course. This reminded me of when Marvin and I were dating and I lived on the farm. When he tried to get to the house the geese would chase and hiss at him. I would have to rescue him so he could get in the door. LOL....Enjoy the pictures.


grammy said...

I guess Geese make good watch dogs.
My mom and her family actually had some prairie dogs that they got as babies. They were like pets (I never told my kids this because they would want one (o:
they would bark their funny bark when people came in the yard (o:

Sister Susie said...

What beautiful pictures of an avian family. I wanted to get pictures of the sandhill cranes and their babies, but they haven't visited this year as yet. The parent birds are so tall that they can look you eye to eye! It's amazing what good "parents" these birds are to their babies whether geese or cranes!
Blessings to you and yours,
Diane has been on my lips to our LORD all day.